This is the second verson of my knex battle rifle. new additions include an improved stock, modified barrel,larger magazine,foldable iron sights and rails for ataching extra sights or a grenade launcher.

This gun is very sturdy with a good shooting range and never jams (unless u screw around with it)

if anyone wants to make this gun i will be happy to take more detailed pictures so you can make it. if anyone uses my attachments design please tell me and give credit as i think i may be the first person (that i have seen) to do this.

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I love this!
It looks FALesque
I would like to make this.
How did youy make it 7 layers thick on blue rods?<br>
I see what he did there, it's rather complicated though. One nub of the blue rod is actually &quot;Tucked in&quot; underneath the seventh layer, and it alternates between the left and the right side with each blue rod.
Ahhh. Clever.
yes it does and thats why its a slideshow, because it would be way to hard and annoying to make an instructable by pulling it apart. i could take some more detailed pics if anyone wants.
Nice! :-D
amazing, POST
pretty cool
ironman was the first one that uses that kind of rail system. <br> <br>but nice work, i like it

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