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Introduction: Knex Battle Rifle

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Hi this silentassasin21 presenting to you I_Am_Canadians Battle Rifle. This gun is way better by far then anything i've created. It shoots 40feet with two of my rubber bands. I've moded it a little so it has a Grenade Laucher and its own handle the grenade laucher is Katarukito's.

So with out further ado here are the instructions

Step 1: Body

Follow these instructions very carefully

2.Mid body
3.Fake barrel
4.Other side of the Stock
5.Other side of the Mid body
6.Other side of the Fake barrel

Step 2: Trigger, Receiver, Firing Pin and Pin Guide

2.Receiver And Trigger Connection Point
3.Firing Pin
4.Pin Guide Make Two Of These

Step 3: Sight

Easiest part of the gun

Step 4: Hopper

Make the hopper

Step 5: Pulley Cover

part I almost forgot

Step 6: Grenade Laucher

I have no instructions for the grenade laucher but its very simple to make. The Handle is also easy.

If you can't make it from those instructions go to here

Step 7: Put It All Together

1.Put the receiver and trigger in the gun
2.Attach the hopper
3.Insert the firing pin and pin guides
4.Add the sight
5.Wrap the string around th pullys like so
6.Connect in the pully cover
7.Put on the Grenade Laucher and handle on
8.Put on the other side of the body

Step 8: Rubber Band Placement

1-2.Trigger Rubber band placement
2.Firing pin rubber bands

Step 9: Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that you are finished go have fun and shoot stuff however don't shoot anything valuable or exspensive



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    is the string really necassery, or can i replace it with a rubberband


    sorry to burst peoples bubble, but the concept is from gourkem knex snniper rifle, but its cool with all these mods, and beside you broke it down better so its easier to build then just guessing, looking at the picture, so 5* nice job

     Great looking gun!  just wish i had enough tan lock pieces!

    1 reply

    this is a rly nice gun but the barrel is outdated try something like the one from the z35 assault rifle or from the ump

    im building this sweet gun but idk what to choose. Build it with a grenade launcher. Build it without a grenade launcher.

    3 replies

    omg ur right it looks bad with GL

    yeah i know thats why i posted a pic of iacs so you can see it without