Knex Benelli M1014 (12inch Model) Preview! +V1.2




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Introduction: Knex Benelli M1014 (12inch Model) Preview! +V1.2

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This is the FIRST Benelli M1014 12inch model ever!
My model features:
-the 12 inch version stock
-working charging handle
-working trigger
-almost exact size
-nice iron sights
-comfy handle
-amazing detail (IMO)
I'd like to hear feedback or when people want this to be posted I'll post Internals!



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    I might rebuild it soon

    i built it from the pictures a while back. i added a feature where you pull the pin pack and the trigger lets it go forwards really fast.

    it was broken up a long time ago, sorry

    Goob job lad. It'd be cool if you could get some more photos of it, though.

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    Don't have any that'd get this featured, (and i really want this to be featured..)this one took me 3 filters and alot of adjustments..

    Alrighty. Thanks for the extra pics anyway.
    I don't know what makes a post good enough to get featured, as standards seem to be... inconsistent on here. Posting full instructions seems to up the chance a bit, though.

    And it's known I suck at taking pics because i shake alot :/

    You could put your photo making device against something so you only need to tap it, though.

    such a thing is not in my possession...

    you homora crossplayer you~