my beretta shoots up to 30 feet about 10 meters.
if you put any mods on it id love to see them.

Step 1: The Handle


Step 2: Other Parts


Step 3: Barrel


Step 4: Put It All Together

Put Together
<img alt="" height="722" src="http://www.xcalibertactical.com/customs/airsoft/images/airsoft22.jpg" width="547" />do you guys think it would be cool if i could modify this gun to the top one in this picture?
That's the one it's based off of.
this gun (the ag) is based on the 2nd from the top, doesn't look like it to much though
If you look closely you will see the defining features (hammer, bite-guard, trigger/guard, slide lock, fire selector, and the rear-most part of the slide) are identical. Most of the modifications are cosmetic in nature.
not that good<br>
yea but cool gun. i made this and turned it into a full size rifle! lol
exactly how do u shoot it?
this one:
whats with all the killerk copies?
this is not, in fact, a killerk copy. it has a different trigger. the barrel may be the same, but that's just because this is THE most efficient rail system barrel possible with knex/<br />
a little blurry
is this a sear system?
The handle looks familiar...
It is. It's form Althad's Knex gun.!
then he too is a tomboyrme copyer p.s. whats with all the tomboyrme copys
Dunno don't care. I'm pretty much done with K'nex lol.
it does
Do you know where it's from?
nope were is it from
Go to youtube and search 9mm knex gun and this is basically that but with mods.
but mines betta
does this gun shoot rods or is it just for looks
yeah it shoots green, white, blue or yellow rods
Cool, I just might make it later.

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