Knex Berreta M9 V2 With Tactical Knife


Introduction: Knex Berreta M9 V2 With Tactical Knife

About: My name is iby, i like COD, rainbow six siege, football (soccer in america), hockey, rounders and of course knex, my birthday is 17th of November. i make things out of knex, mainly guns but some marble mazes...

hey guys this is my berreta m9 v2 with tactical knife. Sadly this gun doesn't shoot.

Here is a list of pros and cons.


Comfortable handle on the pistol and knife

The knife is strong

Doesn't use many peices


The gun doesn't shoot

Step 1: The Pistol

Step 2: The Knife

Step 3: The Finished Products

please leave a comment below and please tell me what you think



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