Knex Berretta M9

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Introduction: Knex Berretta M9

Step 1: Grip

Step 2: Bottom Slide

Step 3: Barrel

Step 4: Top Slide

Step 5: Finish

It didn't take me long to build this..... This is my first slid action doesn't shoot.....if you build it post the pics of it in the comments and ill ad ten to the intructable if you want......,.please comment



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nice model...

mind if i mod thy gun???


if there are no replies within 5 days i count as you give up instructables and will mod anyway...

Knock your self out man...I don't get on much anymore

good job, I'll make it and try to upgrade it to 5 layers

Currently I'm working on this one with a little bit more texture... Possibly there will be a blowback action, stay tuned as it can be uploaded tomorrow!

This is awsome! I would recommend it to any pistol-lover.

Thanks man!!!

No problem! Im trying to make it a blow back... if anyone has tips, that would be greatly appriciated!

It looks good! Maybe you could try adding a trigger, but that is the only con I see in this one, as it's very hard to get pistols exactly correct with k'nex. This is probably about as close as you can get to the M9 with k'nex. Good job.