Introduction: Knex Big Crossbow

Picture of Knex Big Crossbow

this is the 2nd biggest crossbow on this sit so far!

Step 1: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

This is the trigger.

Step 2: Side Panels

Picture of Side Panels

These are the side panel things...

Step 3: Add Side Panels

Picture of Add Side Panels

Add the side panels to trigger

Step 4: Make/Attach Ammo Holders and Handle

Picture of Make/Attach Ammo Holders and Handle

Make and attach.(it a little blurry we have a bad camera)

Step 5: The Bow

Picture of The Bow

Make bow.

Step 6: Attach Bow to Body

Picture of Attach Bow to Body

attach to side panels.

Step 7: Rubber Bands

Picture of Rubber Bands

The rubber bands.(and also put rubber bands from the pegs on the trigger to the part where your other hand goes, the pegs on that.)

Step 8: Loading and Firing

Picture of Loading and Firing

To load pull back ONE FLAB of the rubber band and load like a normal crossbow.


An Villain (author)2010-05-14

It is not the 2nd biggest, but i would be able to tell better if i could see it.

g12345389 (author)2007-05-03

my auto bow now 2nd plcae in size of cross bows...

knex boy (author)g123453892007-06-21

post your !!!!!!!AUTO BOW!!!!!!!!!

g12345389 (author)knex boy2007-07-21

it my birth-day, yay!!

happybirthday (author)g123453892008-03-14

....thats why i have this name

knex boy (author)g123453892007-07-21

happy birthday

g12345389 (author)knex boy2007-07-09

== ok == give me some time i need alot of time and more pieces

g12345389 (author)knex boy2007-07-09

== ok == please just give me some time!

g12345389 (author)knex boy2007-06-22

ok ok ok ok!!i need to ask for camra

knex boy (author)g123453892007-06-23

u got a camera yet

g12345389 (author)knex boy2007-06-23

my mom got better quality camera ill ask her but if i cant its going to be a problem cuz then you can see pics on other camera...

knex boy (author)g123453892007-06-24


g12345389 (author)g123453892007-06-23

the auto bows max range it 30-40 feet but i only got 30 and it u use auto feed its hard to use. If i post u can make double barrel by copping the whole thing (the barrel) and make triggers connected wits a red/green rod but it would be hard to figurer out for the safety and other things, if it can be made it will be massive!i added a hopper cage (lol) to my gun

g12345389 (author)g123453892007-06-23

on August 8th I'm going on a vacation! =)

knex boy (author)g123453892007-06-22


knex boy (author)g123453892007-05-30

post the autobow

deawon2 (author)2008-01-25

If you want other people to build this you'l have to be more precise,use more steps and go closer with the camera

g12345389 (author)deawon22008-01-27

ahh, you...don't have to add all the crap on the bow like i did:[) Just reinforce it enough so it won't break!

g12345389 (author)g123453892008-01-27

gopet (author)2007-12-12

i dont understand but great

themoonatic (author)2007-08-06

Nice crossbow.

pates1 (author)2007-07-30

Kinda blurry

g12345389 (author)pates12007-07-31

my cam bad

Wicky (author)2007-05-09

I've made a cool crossbow aswell and i've submitted the instructable. In about 4 days I will add pictures of the trigger aswell.

g12345389 (author)Wicky2007-05-10

autuly u posted today 1 day lol

knex boy (author)g123453892007-05-30

wen r u gonna post the ova 1 ?

knex boy (author)g123453892007-05-20

can u post the ova 1 aswell plz

g12345389 (author)2007-05-10

i took a pat cuz it max range 14 ft...

instructa-fan (author)2007-04-29

You're gonna go to jail and be good enoubh to where you order Knex out of that jail catalog, make this, and get a life sentence. Thumbs Up. Get-R-Done.Giggity Goo. Alll Riiiggghhht.

g12345389 (author)instructa-fan2007-05-03


i bet i would look good if i could see it properly

g12345389 (author)2007-04-26

i posted this a month a go and it didn't show up until now and my camera stinks so idk what to do...

there have been loads of instructables have turned up resently that got posted weeks ago, must be a problem

Easy Button (author)2007-04-25

dude make better pics then republuish

Easy Button (author)Easy Button2007-04-25

woops i meant to say make better pics then republish

g12345389 (author)2007-04-25

i know i camera is a stupid one

Mad Cat (author)2007-04-25

Impressive crossbow but horrible instructions.

g12345389 (author)2007-03-31

i mean one flab at a time

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