This is just a small little thing I made when I was bored. Its just a big rig/turck.
not bad reminds my of mine =P<br />
Yeah, the front part?
yeh heres 2 pics of mine <br />
hmmm... its better and worse in ways but its still better<br />
when i made that i didnt have as much knex (not even enough to make a knex sayer) but ot i have close to 40 lbs i bet i could do better now i just wanna see a trailer with his =P<br />
WOW! that is Awsm!
lol thanks it was fun when i had it i even got my burnout to fit in it and i could drive my big rig but then my motor started acting werid and then died =(<br />
lol, probably too much weight and strain for it to handle...
nah it wasnt work right when i put it in kinda werid<br />
hmm. maybe you should try something similar, and post it!
you gonna make a trailer for it?<br />
You knw, I think it would look better if you replace the red connectors who almost touch the back wheels for Yellow connectors.<br /> Looks very awesome!
does this mean u r not quiting knex?<br />
yes it is a big 'turck' lolz<br /> 5 stars.<br /> oh and btw, have you seen selez's Vexion?
Yeah i know, the front looks like his, woop tee doo.
yes, its pretty cool.
i like it! 5* great too see you back and knexing!<br />
&nbsp;Cool :)
Looks awesome! 5*!!!!
Looks pretty good! 4.5*<br /> <br /> Great job! <br /> <br /> By the way, I'm almost done with my mods of our project. :-)<br />
Awesome, send me a pm with what you've done?
I'm going to make a video. I'm too lazy to type out in words what I've done, lol.<br />
kwl<br /> <br /> 5*<br />
The part on top looks a little too blocky, but this looks really sturdy.<br /> 4 stars. Very good.

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