Instructable coming soon.
when is the instructable coming <br>
this is cool<br>
Pretty good! I like it. =)
How does it work? <br>
really smart idea a easy way to work out binary
So what does exactly this do?
If I set all of the digits to "0", then repeatedly drop the ball from the top right block, it will count in binary going left to right by using the "1"'s and "0"'s.
Okay, so every time you drop a ball, the binary counts up by 1?
Oh, all right. How high can it count?
&nbsp;To 31.
counts binary, google "knex calculator" and you should find out.
Looks a lot like <a rel="nofollow" href="http://woodgears.ca/marbleadd/">http://woodgears.ca/marbleadd/</a><br/>
is that a earth stress ball your useing?
Yes. :) It actually fit very well will the width of the yellow rods.

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