Picture of Knex Binder
Hey guys. This will be my entry for the Back To School contest, so vote for it please =)

Anyway, this is a binder, but with Knex! Ill be honest, its not the most amazing thing ever. It used the 'binding' part out of a real binder, and 2 small zipties to hold it into place. The pivot connections are actually very strong and so is the the overall thing. It can hold the standard amount of paper in it (approx. 200-300 sheets)

I hope you like it, please vote, rate, comment and subscribe! Thanks.

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Step 1: Front cover

Picture of Front cover
This is the front cover of the binder, very simple. Follow the pictures and steps below.
  1. Make this
  2. Make sure there is a spacer there
  3. Make this
  4. Make sure of the spacers there again
  5. Take them both and line them up like so
  6. Attach them together as shown
  7. What you should have

That was easy, next step!

Step 2: Back cover

Picture of Back cover
This is the other side of the binder. It is basically just repeating step 1, so use that for guidance. Follow the pictures and steps below.
  1. The piece on the left is the previous step, the one on the right is the same but without the grey connectors and blue spacers (read image notes)
  2. A close-up of the back cover.

SIMPLEZ! Moving on...

Step 3: The binder part

Picture of The binder part
In this step I will show you how to get the metal binder thing out of your old binder. Follow the steps.
  1. This is what the binder looks like.
  2. Get some pliers, or your hand, and rip it off.
  3. What you should have now
Again, easy. To infinity and beyond!
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kaantron6 days ago


elias paul9 days ago

beautiful idea

rix_1014 years ago
that is insanely cool
brosdv rix_1012 months ago


brosdv2 months ago

Really cool creation

Minmin42258 months ago
Ugh I JUST had to buy seven binders for school.... I shoulda made these. More time consuming but cooler and cheaper
jdoggkuhn3 years ago
this is cool i want to bring it to school but it might break :(
ajsaunders4 years ago
does it work
dayjalove4 years ago
it looks really cool dude or gal
BalintRules4 years ago
That is cool, but sorry I was too late to vote =(. And i saw this ages ago and forgot to rate =( but I rated now =D =D
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Hiyadudez (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet4 years ago
Whats so funny?
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Hiyadudez (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet4 years ago
It doesnt need any work, and its not flimsy at all. Dont go around comment about things when you dont even know that what your commenting is right. And no, it would not break.
(removed by author or community request)
Hiyadudez (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet4 years ago
Are you stupid or something? Of course it would probably break if you driopped it on the floor, but in that comment you mentioned no floor. You said it would just break, so you're wrong.
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Hiyadudez (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet4 years ago
Nearly every knex model would break if you dropped it on the wooden floor. Whats your point?
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Hiyadudez (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet4 years ago
Im going to end this conversation right now. This is FINE to carry around, it wouldnt break if you dropped it, and lastly, dont reply to this comment cause i just wont reply back.
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You, Icetank, have horrible spelling and no sense of what is and is not funny or OK.
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1)I'm not a hippie
2)I don't know what world you live in, but where I'm from an IQ in the 140's is genius level
3)Your spelling sucks.
4)So... Cute...
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But really, your spelling sucks. So does your judgment of intelligence.
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And your ability to see when someone wants you to just shut up.
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That's not a good excuse here.
(removed by author or community request)
For the same reason using "It's my first instructable" isn't an acceptable excuse for posting a block trigger gun any more.
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(removed by author or community request)
Your gun looks pretty good, though. Well hidden mag, too.
Hiyadudez (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet4 years ago
Lol, you're saying im dumb? Well, at least i dont spell dumb as dome. Dumbass.
lala19894 years ago
i wonder what it is............
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