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This is my knex bladegun, made with parts from the knex torque bow.
I was trying to make the brute-spiker from halo,
but in the end it became a gun with four blades on front.
Credits for the handle and lower blades go to bakenbitz.
Credits for the barrel go to dsman195276.
If anyone likes it and wants to build it, I'll make the instructions for it.

You can only load one piece of ammo at a time,
because I didn't want to break orange connectors for a decent hopper.


James368 (author)2011-09-15

sick looking gun

TheMaker888 (author)2011-06-20

looks of it make me think Dead Space haha

thatgreasymechanicguy (author)2010-10-21


entenie-1995 (author)2009-10-17

looks like a spiker from halo.

You mean needler.

Foyet (author)RMConstruction2010-06-28

no he means spiker

RMConstruction (author)Foyet2010-06-29

You're the third person. Jeez! Read the comment after flameninja. OLD!!!

 no, spiker.

Read the comment after flameninja. OLD!!!

my bad. got confused. soz. oh I subbed you as an apology. I couldnt think of another Xcuse to sub you.

entenie-1995 is right. A Needler is a gun with pink spikes on top of it. A Spiker is a gun with 2 blades below the gun.

My bad, just looked it up.

no I mean spiker

spricer988 (author)entenie-19952010-06-04

i no

Mr. Muggle (author)entenie-19952009-10-22

yeah! I thought of that too

entenie-1995 (author)Mr. Muggle2009-10-24


teddy1998 (author)2010-06-16

why dont u take them off?

FlameNinja (author)2010-02-24

Sorry, still haven't built it... I'll try to make the instructions this week

ninjakoi (author)2009-09-25

please post

amtdude (author)2009-06-30

looks cool post

FlameNinja (author)amtdude2009-07-01

I got alot of stuff to do today, so I will make the instructions tomorrow

FlameNinja (author)FlameNinja2009-09-08

Sorry, Still haven't made it yet... I don't really have time for k'nex, because I need to go to school every day. Another thing that stands in between me and making the instructions, is that I don't have the gun anymore, I'll have to build the gun before I'll be able to make the instructions for it. I will try to make the instructions this month.

=!snap!= (author)2009-07-06

the 2 things on the bottom are the ends of the one guys tourqe bow

yannyboy (author)2009-06-30


FlameNinja (author)yannyboy2009-06-30


well i have to give you this there are only 2 big spikes on the bottom like you have right now on the brute spiker no spikes on top but yours is not as good as some other guy made instructions for the brute spiker his looked cooler but his instructions sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, read the description. It says that I wanted to make the brute-spiker, but couldn't get the blades on the right place, so I made a gun with four blades on front.

oh, sorry :P

DJ Radio (author)2009-06-30

the barrel was made by dsman, bakenbitz used it on his gun.

this is exactually like the torqe bow from gears of war that bakenbits made except he switched all the parts around i would rate it 1.5 because you copied it from some one else the only reason i gave flameninja any points is cuz it looks cool.

He gave credit to the guys who originally made it, and he was trying to mod it after the brute spiker in halo.

GrandeSwag (author)DJ Radio2009-07-01

That isn't completely true from what I can tell. The barrel design of using white connectors in between sections of tube is dsmans. His used white rods. I'm pretty sure those are blue rods in the picture. I guess you could call it a modified version of dsmans barrel.

FlameNinja (author)DJ Radio2009-07-01

sorry, didn't know that :P

ajleece (author)2009-07-01

Looks cool, but totally useless.

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