Knex Car (Bolide^^)

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Introduction: Knex Car (Bolide^^)

welcom to my FIRST instruction or better: my first slideshow
I am very sorry about my, maybe, bad english, because its not my main language...

But anyway. I want to show you a car, i built when i was ten. since then it lied in my knex box and now I want to show you how to build.

please add comments about the slideshow, my english and about the car ;)

should I use the next time a normal instruction or an slideshow like this?



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    well done on the slide show and a very good design but to any one else have you built it and only 2 wheels are on the floor?

    Well, I know it has been more than two years since you replied to my Instructable, BUT:

    It's the Kne'x car with the typo in the heading (Bolide) and you asked why only two wheels are on the floor. Well, theres a picture in the middle-end of the slideshow were a red text says that 2 parts (purple half and dark blue 7/8 circle) are disconnected in order to make sure that everything works fine.

    They'r right in the middle of the bottom of the car (well, less chance that you still got this car and didnt destroyed it in order to build sth else), just disconnect them and all 4 wheels will be on the floor.

    I like the car. but next time could you make normal instructions instead of a slideshow. The slideshow function is difficult to follow compared to the normal option so please use it next time.

    RAMBISINGLY AWSOME I might build it

    my native language is german, its not easy to post something in another language

    and a "Bolide" is a german word for a powerful car or a racing car too. Most of my english I got out of computer games and in there they used the word bolide.
    But any way, next time I will check it before posting.

    Actually a good job. To reply to comments (looking below), click the ORANGE REPLY button. Then it will show up on our orangeboards. Nice job on this Slideshow, the pictures are good, and the instructions are easy to follow, and your English is okay, at least I can understand you! :-) Nice job! +1 rating.

    What's a Bolide?

    what is your native language