Knex Bolt Action Assault Rifle




Introduction: Knex Bolt Action Assault Rifle

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The Rifle was Originally modelled on the Barrett 50 cal. Sniper rifle but the barrel seriously reduced accuracy and power so i figured it would be better as an assault rifle. If i get an average of over 4 stars in the next 7 days then i'll make an instructable for it.

It Has:
Real trigger
5 shot Magazine
Simple, easy to use bolt meccanism



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    20 Discussions

    NOT BOLT ACTION. Does it pull back, pulling the firing pin, then push forward loading ammo into the barrel? No. It doesnt.

    3 replies

    The only thing good about this gun is the top of the barrel looks cool.

    Oxymoron: Bolt-action assault rifle

    hahahaha im on my dads laptop and i need to know the date :) defiantly on the wii

    sos i was 2 lazy 2 check my calenda lol im doing this on my wii!!!! :)

    i like it. It shoots right? thats all you need not crazy structure blah blah blah. But at least you gave him some constructive critiscism! ill show you and btw if you make my shotgun feel the handle, not very structural but it works!

    This has horrible, horrible bending, and open areas. Bad enginêêring and design, bưt not tơơ băđ ơvêrăll. Jưst đơn't êxpêct tơ gêt tơ 4 stărs, êvêr.

    This is quite poor. It appears to be firing pin action, not bolt action, and the structure is horrible.