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Introduction: Knex Bolt-Action Pistol (UPDATE)

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Hey once again, here is my new project. I really liked the Bolt-Action Pistol idea of "Dr. Richtofen," so I used the idea and made a cleaner looking gun (Not that his was crappy, it just looked a little messy). Also, I added a safety feature and it has removable mags. Plus, the gun is slim, it only has two blue rods sticking out. The gun overall functions well and is pretty powerful. Now let's get to the Pros and Cons:  

Good Looking (In My Opinion)
Removable mags
Bolt-Action (It's good because the bullet is pushed to a separate chamber making it more powerful)
Structurally built well
Decent Range (45-50ft)
Easy to use
Simple bullet ramp mechanism

Contains some cut parts.

Tell me what you all think. : )

*UPDATE* I got some internal pics of the gun.

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    nice gun, a little too simple for a pistol (for my tastes), but nice. anyway, what's the point of that little under barrel part at the front?

    3 replies

    The point wasn't to be "simple" it was to be innovative. The under part was for looks.

    i know it wasn't, but i said it is too simple for my tastes.

    The gun is fairly simple to make, it was just a matter of placing all the internals in the right spots so the gun would work.

    It is gooood!

    Quite a bit, yes. I have 5 #64 bands on it and I can pull the trigger easily.

    Cool. Are all the cut parts necessary?

    I never modded your gun, I built this from scratch. The only thing I used from you was the idea. Oh, and thanks. ; )

    Oh, sorry. haha. I thought that 'cause on my post you said you were modding it. No problem though :)