I made this one day when I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 :D
I got the idea from the MSR 
<p>great pictures, and a good Gun! 4*</p>
It'd be great if there were instructions; I'd love to give this a try.
I'm sorry for being a bit mean in my below comment, I was in a bad mood back then. <br>So let's make a comment again, and please forget that. I'm not that mean usually. <br>On to the gun itself; <br>It sure does have some nice looks to it. However, you could try making it 5 layers (if you have the pieces ofcourse). That way, you can also add some nice slants and angles to it, 'cause you have more room to work in. <br>For the range, you could try moving the magazine a bit to the front. That way, the pin gets more room to accelerate, generating more power. <br>Lastly, you could add those small black wheels on the handle. They give it more comfort, as you don't have rods sticking in your hands. <br>
Not bad range, pretty good for a bolt action rifle, it is really difficult to get a far range without the bolt breaking, 4.5 stars.
No. This is a fake bolt action. The range sucks (especially for todays standards). If you want a real bolt action bun, build the AR4 command by Dj Radio, or the ZKAR from Zack (knex innovation). The max this should get is about 2.5*
well actually it depends on the type of rubber band your using
Yeah, but for todays standards, 10 feet is realy bad. (considereing guns like the NAR and TR-18 can get 100+ feet)
I love the chin rest!
Oh thank you very :)
Good job on it, what was the max range you got out of it?
Well I got around 10 feet
Feel free to comment :D tell me your ideas and what you think of my creation :)

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