K'nex Bolt Action Sniper





Introduction: K'nex Bolt Action Sniper

Have you always thought that a K'nex gun couln't look real and shoot at the same time. Well, I'll show you how. Enjoy! This is my first instructable.

Step 1: Build the Parts

Get all of the parts built and we will put them together in the next step.

Step 2: Put the Parts Together

Now that you have random K'nex pieces scattered all over the table, let's get them slapped together!

Step 3: Add Rubber Bands and Insert the Magazine

Step 4: Shoot It!

Now you have a finished rifle. Pull the bolt back until you feel it click, then push it forward and fire. Congratulations, you just made the most awesome K'nex rifle that you've ever seen!



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    Very interesting

    Some parts if this gun are extreamly messy. And the barrel is bent. But I do like the gun. I like how it is set up. And the charging handle bolt thing.

    And for a first build this is better then most of the guns that newbies are so proud of. Keep posting.

    The intro is this ible is the redbookofwestmarch in a nutshell LOL

    Nice first gun, I like the scope. Good job!

    Nicely done on your first instructable. Great photos!