Knex Bolt Action Sniper Rifile




Introduction: Knex Bolt Action Sniper Rifile

This Sniper is made by Blue Mullet but I heavally modifide the gun.

The range?
the range on this gun i very good because it gets 20 to 30ft



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    Sorry but the inner workings are not good. And as u know now it is not bolt action. And also knex guns like this one are expecred to get atleast 75 feet of range. We need to stop posting the same type of guns over and over unless it as everything on it. Looks good though

    Well first of all you can not see threw my gun and second It is a ram for a sniper plus it was my first sniper and compared to what you post my stuff is like gold to yours.

    Hmm. Does it have a second chamber for the bolt? When pushed forward it loads a bullet from the magazine to the chamber.

    like shell ejection?

    Not really. The words 'bolt action' means that when the cocked, then pushed forward again, it loads a round into the chamber to be fired.

    not a bolt action...

    ya there is i did not get a pic of it