Knex Bouncing Betty





Introduction: Knex Bouncing Betty

An ideal tactical item, this is a trip mine made in the shape similar to a Bouncing Betty. It uses a spring to send its projectiles straight up in the air and rain down onto the ground. It is made to be staked to the ground outside, but with a few adjustments it can be made to be used indoors. I have already made several variations of this using the same design, which I will soon place up separately.

>>>I am not responsible for any injury that may occur when using this product<<<

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I will also place up a video soon to show a demonstration.



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    How does it get set off? Pretty cool though.

    Nice idea =D But I really dont see how it works, could you make a video of it? 5* though =D

    Yeah, I'll place a video later, but I don't know when I will get the time. Please subscribe so you can know when I will post up a video.

    what is it

    It's a mine. It got it's name becuase a regular mine would explode under your feet and you don't have a leg, but this one spring upward and blows your body apart like dirt lumps blow from the ground by a grenade.


    not bad