Knex Bouncy Ball Factory





Introduction: Knex Bouncy Ball Factory

This project was tough. working with bouncy balls are a pain in the butt! anyway, here is a project I made in about three weeks. It has two lifts and a looping path as well as other paths. I made the pictures big and clear enough for people to try to copy it, that's what I do  or try to do on other's photo instructables. The video shows some flaws in the model but they are bouncy balls, they don't care.



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    If only there were instructions... : (

    I also realize that this post is really old. So

    Could you post it when you take it apart???

    Sorry, it is long gone. Try to copy it with the pictures:)

    Nice ball machine! :-D Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!
    Are you sure you got the full video posted, though? It only seems to play one path. :-(

    Yeah, the reason for that is the machine was still very buggy and I just wanted to show off the paths that worked the most. I wasn't planning to make a video but I knew some members would sooner or later ask for one. Thanks for viewing and thanks for the patch!

    Wait, I just noticed...this is your first ball machine! :-D Congratulations on making your debut in the field with a brand new concept (bouncy balls...I wish I had thought of that...) ;-)

    Also, good job on revamping the movie! :-} I like to actually see the elements work - a nice machine!

    Nice ball machine. I like the loop!
    I've never seen one done with bouncy balls before.

    Great job! I agree that it must have been troublesome trying to make ball machine using bouncy ball.