Introduction: Knex Bow & Arrow

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This is my new Bow & Arrow it shoots about 15-30 feet hope you like it.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 38 small Green or Black, 10 Yellow, 2 Blue, 20 White.

Connectors: 32 Purple or Silver, 4 Blue, 2 Orange, 8 Yellow or Grey, 2 White, 4 Green.

Other: 2 rubber bands, 2 wheels (without cover), 2 Blue spacers.

Step 2: Construct the Base/ Handle.

Picture of Construct the Base/ Handle.

Pic#1 Make 2 of these.
Pic#2 Connect them with the green rod like so.
Pic#3 Make 2 of these.
Pic#4 Connect them so they look like these.
Pic#5 Add a Yellow Connector on both sides.
Pic#6 Make 2 of these.

Step 3: How It Should Look So Far.

Picture of How It Should Look So Far.

This is where you connect the pieces together.

Step 4: Finishing Steps.

Picture of Finishing Steps.

Pic#1 Do this step to the top and bottom of the bow.
Pic#2 Build 2 of these.
Pic#3 Get these.
Pic#4 Tie the rubber bands together like this.
Pic#5 Connect this to the Yellow rods.

Step 5: Add the Rubber Bands.

Picture of Add the Rubber Bands.

Pic#1 Put the rubber bands at the top wheel to the bottom wheel.
Pic#2 Showing you how to connect the rubber bands.

Step 6: Loading and Firing.

Picture of Loading and Firing.

Pic#1 Loading the ammo (use Grey rods)
To fire the Arrow simply let go.


flyerminer (author)2010-12-17

ppl need to stop making them like only 1 foot long. make em like 2 feet and id be happy

Annix15 (author)flyerminer2011-12-04

Flyerminer, i just made a Bow and arrow that's like 1 1/2 feet long.

idream (author)flyerminer2011-07-25

check out humpty95's bow it's around 2' and shoots 75'

flyerminer (author)2010-10-12

I have now posted my new knex bow.look for it!

flyerminer (author)2010-10-10

I might make instructions for my knex bow that shoots fairly well, but that depends on the rubber band. mine uses less pieces i think and isn't really complicated at all.

but your design looks cool and it seems that it shoots pretty decent.
nice job.

T3453R (author)2008-06-25

why does everyone makes it so uncomfortably big and way to advanced try something more simple

ILIKEPIE333 (author)T3453R2009-05-29

really man?...

T3453R (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-05-30

what realy ?

ILIKEPIE333 (author)T3453R2009-05-30


Daniel662000 (author)T3453R2008-06-25

their is an easier one i have posted.

GreekGuy (author)2007-10-29

looks pretty realistic. Also, the good thing is, those of us who don't have a lot of k-nex can build this. =] cool

ILIKEPIE333 (author)GreekGuy2009-05-29

you dont need a lot of knex to build most knex bows, they're usually kinda simple

Whaleman (author)2007-10-29

seems a little small

Millawi Legend (author)Whaleman2008-07-09

hey i thought you were blind. oh wait thats mepain. i all ways get you and mepain mixied up.

Mepain is blind?


stale56 (author)Millawi Legend2008-11-25

holy poop! how?

then how does mepain make so make great knex guns?

the_burrito_master (author)2007-10-30

looks ok looks like one that will work good

Doctor Who (author)2007-10-29

1st comment and I suggest removing the back it makes it work better.

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