Knex Bow and Arrow





Introduction: Knex Bow and Arrow

Nice Knex Bow and Arrow. Little harder to build for those who like a challenge. Goes 50+ feet on a good rubberband

Step 1: Build the Arrow Hole

Build Two of these
Products used each
3 gray rods
6 yellow connectors
2 white connectors

Step 2: Top and Bottom Sections

Build The Top And Bottom Sections in the bow and arrow
Parts Required:
4 gray rods
3 green rods(small)
8 yellow connectors
2 red connectors

Step 3: Assembly

Assemble Middile, Top And Bottom Sections.
Parts Required:
Step 1
Step 2

Step 4: Build the Arrows

Parts Required:
For Long Range:
2 gray rods
2 orange connectors
1 red connector

For short range:
1 gray rod
1 red rod
2 orange connectors
1 red connector

Step 5: Done

Put the end of your arrow( the orange connector) through the middle section and onto the rubber band.
Pull the arrow back as far as you want
let go



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    awsome do another on come on man do it

    Needs some work, but a nice idea. Three stars.

    i just posted my new knex compound bow everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it doesn't really look like a bow

    1 reply

    I know, but the fact that the arrow gets shot through a hole instead of beside a rod makes the arrow lose less force


    if you have enough, it would probably be better to use black rods, same length as the grey, but stronger:) nice design though.

    yes it does, but not enough to break them, probably

    looks kinda cool