Introduction: Knex Bow - Shoots 20 - 30 Feet

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This is my first instructable :P Hopes you like it

..:: How-To Fire ::..

Insert Grey Bar Into The Two White Connectors And Pull Back Then Let Go.

Step 1: Make 2 of These..

Picture of Make 2 of These..

Pieces Used:

6 Yellow Connectors
8 White Bars
2 White Connectors
8 Green Connectors
6 Blue Spacers

Step 2: Connect Both Pieces

Picture of Connect Both Pieces

Pieces Used:

Parts made in step 1
2 Red Bars

Step 3: Make This..

Picture of Make This..

Pieces Used:
2 Yellow Bars
6 White Connectors
6 White Bars
2 Red Connectors
2 Grey Connectors (The one with one connection)
2 Green Bars

Step 4: Connect Two Pieces..

Picture of Connect Two Pieces..

Pieces Used:
The part from step 1
The part from step 3

Step 5: Get These Pieces..

Picture of Get These Pieces..

Pieces Used:
2 White Bars
2 Small Wheels
1 Thick Elastic Band (Thicker = Stronger = Further Range = Hits Harder)

Step 6: Connect Pieces

Picture of Connect Pieces

Pieces Used:
Parts from step 5
Parts from step 4


knexspert143 (author)2011-05-11

It is like a compound bow.

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