K'nex Bow & Arrow





Introduction: K'nex Bow & Arrow

A very strong, easy to make bow & arrow that can fire up to a distance of 75 ft (25m)

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Step 1: Handle

Make this
Pic 1 - Side view
Pic 2 - Front view
Pic 3 - Back view

Step 2: The Bow

Make this x 2
Pic 1 - Side view
Pic 2 - Front view
Pic 3 - Back view

Step 3: Put Together

Pic 1 - The pieces you have made
Pic 2 - Put Together

Step 4: Adding the Elastic Bands

Pic 1 - What you will need
Pic 2 - Attach to end of bow
Pic 3 - End view
Pic 4 - Now attach a smaller elastic band to front of handle
Pic 5 - like so

Step 5: Finished Product

Pic 1 - Bow & Arrow
Pic 2 - The Arrows

You are now finished, Have fun but don't fire at people or animals



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    its really cool but i need help how can i mod it so that the arrows dont bounce around on the shotting thing

    1 reply

    If you remove the 2 blue rods in the fireing slot it fires much beter

    Built it have no problems so far. i love it
    :D <3

    What the heck is that yellow peice in the middle? its not as long as a normal yellow?

    1 reply

    how do get it not to get caught on the bars?

    not for me it only went like 10ft and it got caught on the blue bars inside

    use y clips instead of ball joints at the ends of arrows and you have explosive arrows!

    i shot it it went pretty far


    wow. very nice bow. its great cuz i made wings on the arrows and now they fly farther and straighter 5 stars

    1 reply

    wat do yu mean wings

    i got vry confused at the begining...................................................... i got through it (-:

    i love ur bow "n" arrow : )