A very strong, easy to make bow & arrow that can fire up to a distance of 75 ft (25m)

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Step 1: Handle

Make this
Pic 1 - Side view
Pic 2 - Front view
Pic 3 - Back view

Step 2: The Bow

Make this x 2
Pic 1 - Side view
Pic 2 - Front view
Pic 3 - Back view

Step 3: Put Together

Pic 1 - The pieces you have made
Pic 2 - Put Together

Step 4: Adding the Elastic Bands

Pic 1 - What you will need
Pic 2 - Attach to end of bow
Pic 3 - End view
Pic 4 - Now attach a smaller elastic band to front of handle
Pic 5 - like so

Step 5: Finished Product

Pic 1 - Bow & Arrow
Pic 2 - The Arrows

You are now finished, Have fun but don't fire at people or animals

its really cool but i need help how can i mod it so that the arrows dont bounce around on the shotting thing
If you remove the 2 blue rods in the fireing slot it fires much beter <br>
Built it have no problems so far. i love it <br>:D &lt;3 <br>
What the heck is that yellow peice in the middle? its not as long as a normal yellow?
dude that is tan red rod
you are right. It did go 75ft (25m)
how do get it not to get caught on the bars?
not for me it only went like 10ft and it got caught on the blue bars inside
use y clips instead of ball joints at the ends of arrows and you have explosive arrows!<br />
nice bow looks sick!
i shot it it went pretty far
nice mine came out good
i guess it's okay
wow. very nice bow. its great cuz i made wings on the arrows and now they fly farther and straighter 5 stars
wat do yu mean wings
i got vry confused at the begining...................................................... i got through it (-:
i love ur bow "n" arrow : )

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