This is my knex bowie knife. Hope you like it please rate comment and subscribe. The pics should be pretty self explanatory.

Step 1: Piece Count

grey 1
grey bendy 1
red 8
yellow 3
white 1
green 2

grey single 19
orange two sided 21
light grey two sided 1
green four sided 1
blue seven sided 1
snowflakes 3
tan clips 3
blue clips 1

Step 2: Blade

Step 3: Handle and Assembley

Wow, that looks beast :) <br>Nice job
that is funny :)
Nice? Idea from Black ops?
thanks and yes
hu mw 2<br>
call of duty modern warfare 2 dont has the zombie mode i tought cuz i dont have it
CoD:MW2 doesn't have zombies, it's the ones by Treyarch (WaW, Black Ops) that has Nazi Zombies, not the ones by Infinity Ward (MW, MW2)<br>Also, learn to spell and learn to use correct grammar, it may make you seem a bit more intelligent.
srry im netherlands so ..........
Oh, that's understandable then.
i taped it, my mom thought it was a real knife, thx dude!!
sweet dude<br>
great job with this, i have been lookin for a good bowie knife.
nice, looks great =D
best knife on the site!!!!!!!

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