An ordinary, locking knex box. The size of the box can be extended. 

Step 1: Parts List

Orange: 16
Yellow: 4
White: 8
Purple 3-D: 18
Blue 3-D: 1
Grey 2 slot: 2
Grey 1 slot: 2

Yellow: 7
White: 35
Green: 39
Blue: 1

Blue spacers: 2
Tan clip: 1

Step 2: Lid

 Basically build from the pictures. 

Step 3: Side

 Build from picture. Make 2.

Step 4: Bottom

 Build 1.

Step 5: Other Sides

 Build both.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

 1. The bottom
2. The bottom with the sides
3. The finished box
It may be hard to do.

Step 7: Finished

 Now put whatever you want in the box.
4.9 (4.5) <br>i needed to get more pcs then u said
nice!<br />
you say hat on pretty much any knex instructable
very nice i would give you five stars
Cool, looks very good. 5 star
&nbsp;It &quot;locks&quot; in using the purple 3d connector and the blue 3d connector on the side of the box.
so does this really have a lock and a key or do you just close it?<br />

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