K'nex Breaking Sniper: the Rucksack Rifle

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Introduction: K'nex Breaking Sniper: the Rucksack Rifle

If you want the stronger and more powerful version then head here:

The not-so-long-awaited Breaking Sniper is here!
Promo video:

- incredible range (Axiys Zx said he got 200ft)
- Fits into any rucksack
- Takes less than 20 seconds to assemble and under 10 with practice!
- Very reliable trigger
- Due to it's mech this can also be used as a pointlessly large RBG!
- No scope
- Not what I'd call weak but it's not as strong as a normal k'nex sniper. The barrel will come off if bent sideways (that's SIDEWAYS).
- The butt is a bit skeletal even though it's quite strong.
This gun contains NO BROKEN/DECAPITATED pieces or any "special" pieces such as y-connectors, hinges or ball joints. The only "special" pieces are 2 blue spacers but they are optional anyway.

Image 2 is without the 3d connectors i.e will not break but is more sturdy.

Step 1: Parts List

Have enough parts?
Let's see:

Green Rod: N/A (too many to count!)
Blue Rod: 43
Yellow Rod: 5
Black Rod (or grey, but black looks cooler): 2
White Rod: 145
Red Rod: 2

Yellow: 102
Orange: 53
Dark Grey: 20
Light Grey: 11
Red: 12
Green: 13
White: 25
Blue: 8
Purple: 14

Blue spacer: 2 (optional)

Step 2: The Main Body

This looks like an oversized pistol and is the heart of the gun. Very easy to make.

Step 3: Handle

There is a large number of pieces here so if you wan't to save some parts (so you can build my upcoming assault pistol!) then this is the step to do that!

Before you start moaning I my computer didn't recognise the other pictures of the handle so this is the only one I have. I have annotated the numbers and order needed though.

Step 4: Trigger


Step 5: Stock, Butt and Clips

1, 2, 3 are the butt. I didn't take it apart because it is very very simple. The same applies to the stock.

4, 5, 6 are the stock from many angles!

In the penultimate picture make 2

I'll tell you how to attach them all later!

Step 6: Barrel

For this step if you're rucksack/bag is quite small then make the barrel small enough to fit in. Don't necessarily make it as big as mine!

Picture 3 needs to be built 3 times
Picture 6 is a view from the side

There is a stand attachment and a basic stand (me and bipods don't get on, but if you want one apparently Oblivitus has a good one for his assault pistol).
Last picture is a view down the barrel, in case any of the pictures confuses you.

Step 7: Strengthening Bracket

This looks nicer with black rods in my opinion.

Step 8: Put It All Together!

Picture 1 is for the body/handle/stock attachments.
Picture 2 is for the firing mech, but you can use number one for that too.
Picture 3 shows how everything clips together! It also shows how to add the butt but this is easy.

To attach everything together:
The barrel simply clicks on
The stock clicks on then fasten by clipping the red connectors together
Once everything is done add the bracket to hold everything together, but make sure the end with the yellow connectors is clipped so they are behind the trigger mech.

Step 9: Loading

1) Possible Ammo
2) Possible Ammo head
3) SRv2 bullets work but you must add the dark grey connector on the other end
4) How to load. You MUST load the bullets this way as the bolt will be flung upwards rather than down. These bullets are for high ranges. If you want accuracy then the SRv2 and the 2nd bullet option are for you. Although all slingshots aren't as good as tube and stick guns (this includes Gorkem's sniper and Mepain's Loser Rifle and the like)
The picture of the SRv2 bullet is owned by KillerK.

Step 10: What to Expect From Lowney

- Slide action Slingshot
-Check out my Fact robot forum, click my name!
- RBG (prolly no post though)



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Why do all the awesome things take twice as many pieces as I have? x.x

More complex mechanisms, bigger structures to maximise power etc. I suppose :P Thanks for the compliment I guess though. If you're building on a budget TheDunkis has some good stuff that doesn't require too many parts, and KillerK's BR8 or BR18 models are fairly minimalist too (if you discount the stocks and are brutal with the amount of barrel structure you remove)

Lol, that's true I suppose. One of these days I'mma jsut ahve to cave and go buy more, there's so many amazing things like this I wanna build (This is probably the best sniper I've seen so far).

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of manipulating pieces, that's why none of my stuff uses them, the exception being the AA Sniper, they just kind of feel "cheaty", but I appreciate that for some guns there is no other option. These aren't mine, but they are all really powerful and use very few pieces (if it's a sniper you want):

They're all pretty old now, but I've been out-of-touch with the latest happenings in the k'nex community and they're still really good if it's budgeting that you want!
And I guess the unbreakable sniper from my page :)

Once I get my income back, I think I'll jsut buy some more and build yours. Mostly it's a Looks thing, and yours has one of the best styles on the site. :) plus, your first picture make sit look like it has optional attachments, which I LOVE.

Fair enough, thanks for the support! :)

Fair enough, thanks for the support! :)

Thanks, that means a lot :) I personally prefer the unbreakable version (I published a separate instructable), and if you want a no-compromises sniper then I would suggest the SRv2 instructable also found on my user page...it uses a LOT of pieces though!

And once I do build this, I already have a couple mod ideas (like a different bipod stand).

And the other lovely thing about yours in particular...you didn't break any pieces to do it. I look at people's guns like Oblivitus and the like, and they all end up breaking and warping pieces. Kudos to you for avoiding that little pitfall.