Picture of K'nex Breaking Sniper: The Rucksack Rifle
If you want the stronger and more powerful version then head here:

The not-so-long-awaited Breaking Sniper is here!
Promo video:

- incredible range (Axiys Zx said he got 200ft)
- Fits into any rucksack
- Takes less than 20 seconds to assemble and under 10 with practice!
- Very reliable trigger
- Due to it's mech this can also be used as a pointlessly large RBG!
- No scope
- Not what I'd call weak but it's not as strong as a normal k'nex sniper. The barrel will come off if bent sideways (that's SIDEWAYS).
- The butt is a bit skeletal even though it's quite strong.
This gun contains NO BROKEN/DECAPITATED pieces or any "special" pieces such as y-connectors, hinges or ball joints. The only "special" pieces are 2 blue spacers but they are optional anyway.

Image 2 is without the 3d connectors i.e will not break but is more sturdy.

Step 1: Parts List

Have enough parts?
Let's see:

Green Rod: N/A (too many to count!)
Blue Rod: 43
Yellow Rod: 5
Black Rod (or grey, but black looks cooler): 2
White Rod: 145
Red Rod: 2

Yellow: 102
Orange: 53
Dark Grey: 20
Light Grey: 11
Red: 12
Green: 13
White: 25
Blue: 8
Purple: 14

Blue spacer: 2 (optional)
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maxxion2 years ago
Why do all the awesome things take twice as many pieces as I have? x.x
Lowney (author)  maxxion2 years ago
More complex mechanisms, bigger structures to maximise power etc. I suppose :P Thanks for the compliment I guess though. If you're building on a budget TheDunkis has some good stuff that doesn't require too many parts, and KillerK's BR8 or BR18 models are fairly minimalist too (if you discount the stocks and are brutal with the amount of barrel structure you remove)
maxxion Lowney2 years ago
Lol, that's true I suppose. One of these days I'mma jsut ahve to cave and go buy more, there's so many amazing things like this I wanna build (This is probably the best sniper I've seen so far).
Lowney (author)  maxxion2 years ago
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of manipulating pieces, that's why none of my stuff uses them, the exception being the AA Sniper, they just kind of feel "cheaty", but I appreciate that for some guns there is no other option. These aren't mine, but they are all really powerful and use very few pieces (if it's a sniper you want):

They're all pretty old now, but I've been out-of-touch with the latest happenings in the k'nex community and they're still really good if it's budgeting that you want!
And I guess the unbreakable sniper from my page :)
maxxion Lowney2 years ago
Once I get my income back, I think I'll jsut buy some more and build yours. Mostly it's a Looks thing, and yours has one of the best styles on the site. :) plus, your first picture make sit look like it has optional attachments, which I LOVE.
Lowney (author)  maxxion2 years ago
Fair enough, thanks for the support! :)
Lowney (author)  maxxion2 years ago
Fair enough, thanks for the support! :)
Lowney (author)  maxxion2 years ago
Thanks, that means a lot :) I personally prefer the unbreakable version (I published a separate instructable), and if you want a no-compromises sniper then I would suggest the SRv2 instructable also found on my user page...it uses a LOT of pieces though!
maxxion Lowney2 years ago
And once I do build this, I already have a couple mod ideas (like a different bipod stand).
maxxion Lowney2 years ago
And the other lovely thing about yours in particular...you didn't break any pieces to do it. I look at people's guns like Oblivitus and the like, and they all end up breaking and warping pieces. Kudos to you for avoiding that little pitfall.
mrmuffin3 years ago
hey lowny i re built this and got it to shoot 150 ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my neighboors were rly mad lol but it finally paid off
dansdoc3 years ago
could you look at my instructable????
please tell me if its any good!
pwnful4 years ago
Lowney (author)  pwnful4 years ago
lol, add the yellow connectors to the blue rods first, then join them all up with the white rods...it's easier ;)
dansdoc Lowney3 years ago

hew lowney i built this and its amazing do you mind if i mod the stand and stock oh yeah i was wondering if its normal for it to somtimes shoot backwards or to the side
Lowney (author)  legomaster504 years ago
Sure, I don't mind you modding my stuff and posting it :) And no, I've never had mine shoot backwards, how is that even possible? Did you divide by zero? ;)
thnx i made a better bipod it really only slings it backwards when i dont use the bipod but when im not shooting it standing up it shoots perfect. what do u mean by did u divide by zero? oh yeah i made the stock stronger.
Lowney (author)  legomaster504 years ago
lol dividing by zero is impossible, there's a meme where when something physically impossible happens, you say "who divided by zero?" because it's an impossibility. Google image search "divide by zero" or something so you can see :P
lol im so stupid i didnt know that and i took it apart already to make i_am_canadians heavy cannon v5
Lowney (author)  legomaster504 years ago
It's not stupid to not know an internet meme lol :P And cool hope that goes well, it would hurt like hell if THAT fired backwards too ;)
yea im finished with it it wont backfire at least i hope not its awsome shoots as far as he says:)
do you mind if i use this trigger mech for a sniper i was thinking ov bulding(ill give u ful credit for the trigger!) but if there any better trigger mechs that u know of than thisone plzz tell me ( i have the whole gun planed out exepet for the trigger)
Lowney (author)  epicbobman524 years ago
Sure go ahead :)
Try the SRv2 mech first, it's much more difficult but the pay off is well worth it, the SRv2 is the first instructable I posted, visit my profile and either click "Most viewed" or "Highest rated" and it'll appear as one of the first ones lol
thx i built it with a modded verson of the srv2 mech, but whenever i fire it the yellow rod disconects from the place were the bullet clips on
Lowney (author)  epicbobman524 years ago
That isn't very clear. There is no yellow rod where the bullet clips on so where exactly do you mean? :)
srry i meant to say that the yellow rod disconects from the grey clip on the back of the firing mech
Lowney (author)  epicbobman524 years ago
Oh...this only just appeared after I'd written the big explanation above then lol, just ignore all the stuff I say about the hinge pieces then!
k thanks i think the problem was that i had the rubber bands were on the firing mech itself and not on the hing, ill try it out noe
Lowney (author)  epicbobman524 years ago
Cool, remember, you only need one band, you don't need a million to hold the mech down, it's only to hold it down when the gun is moved about. Think of it like a block trigger gun: the block trigger only needs a tiny elastic band, regardless of the amount of power on the ram. Well, the SRv2 mech needs very little force to hold it down, one band is all I needed and I used bungee cord :D
this pik should have been with my post
Lowney (author)  epicbobman524 years ago
I see, are you placing the bands on the trigger mech itself? Or are you putting the bands on the hinge connectors? They should be on the hinge pieces, not the release mech. Now, you have your problem because there are too many rubber bands on the barrel (the bands that fire the ammo I mean), so there is a lot of tension and more force is required to lift the mech up. I'd recommend either using less bands for shooting or alternatively using electrical tape strengthen the pieces (at the faulty end of the yellow rod). However, first of all, I would advise you to replace the yellow rod, as well as the clips on either end. For example, if it's the dark grey connector that the yellow rod is snapping of, then replace it with a newer one that is stiffer, and if it's the hinge piece then use a newer and stiffer one of those instead. Hope this helped!
dansdoc4 years ago
yay i got more knex =-)

ps pause the video at 1:49 and theres a y connector!!! you said theres none!!!
Lowney (author)  dansdoc4 years ago
Yeah that was for a side attachment which you don't need, nor would I recommend it. It's just aesthetics, hence it isn't actually in the instructable.
dansdoc Lowney4 years ago
ha ha ha silly me
dansdoc4 years ago
darn it only 50 (take or add a few) yellow connecters!
skyfaller4 years ago
By ''assemble'' you mean put together the main parts, right?

i read 20 seconds, and i thought this gun was really simple.
Lowney (author)  skyfaller4 years ago
By assemble, I mean put the gun together from it's segments. Like in the video. Not actually build it.
i broke this gun
Lowney (author)  knexsniper1235 years ago
FFS will you just give it a rest? I've tried to help you, but you're questions are soo vague. For example, o the intro step, you wrote "you didn't tell us where to put one of the parts" WELL WHICH DAMN PART WAS IT!? If you don't tell me, how the HELL am I supposed to help. I know this gun works, watch the video, Axiys Zx got it to work, another of my subscribers (whose name I forget) got it to work, so clearly you are far too unskilled to make something where the instructions are placed right in front of you, you are just far too arrogant to work stuff out for yourself. I think you ought to consider you're user name as a COMPLETE OVERSTATEMENT. JUST DON'T WHINE TO ME WHEN YOU'RE COMPLETE LACK OF SKILL IS YOUR DOWNFALL. I'VE BEEN NICE UNTIL NOW, I'VE NOT RISEN TO YOUR HATE COMMENTS, BUT THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW.
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