Knex Bren Gun





Introduction: Knex Bren Gun

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The all new bren gun. It has not been done too many times out of knex. Features include semi auto, looks good, bigger bullet than some guns, plain awesome.Cons are lot of pieces and reload time. Rate, comment, and subscribe. Ask me to post and just maybe i will, but only if enough people ask me to.



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    I love the Bren gun, but i was expecting the cool iron sight on the side :(
    (the video is no longer available)

    No problem, I wouldn't expect you to know but just a note, it wasn't the first. The Bren was actually one of the first guns I tried making. Granted, that was back when I had very little experience.

    I was hoping for a little more but the Bren is kind of a complicated looking weapon. A decent attempt.

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    A repeating sling, yeah. When I first started off, I was working a lot with a rubber band firing mechanism.

    does repeating mean semi-auto?

    Well yes and no. I was incorrect with what I said, my gun was technically semi auto. But the term repeater means that you have to cock the gun every time you want to fire but it has a magazine or other ammo storage and loading mechanism so that you don't need to load the weapon after every shot.

    THATS amazing post some more guns dude there awesome! =)

    Thanks my first positive comment from you.=>

    Can 'u' use proper spelling and grammar?

    actually i was starting a project where ammo is fed in through a clip on the side.