Introduction: Knex Beretta M9 Pistol

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hey guys this is my Knex Beretta M9 pistol. i Can not take all the credit for it because Random builder suggested to me so he gets 50% of the credit.


comfortable handle

doesn't use many pieces

shoots about 10 feet

cons :

the trigger sometimes breaks

the sight looks wierd

Step 1: The Frame and Internals

Picture of The Frame and Internals

Step 2: Trigger and Firing Pin

Picture of Trigger and Firing Pin

Step 3: How to Attach the Rubber Bands

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KneXFAN200 (author)2017-07-12


dynamite_kid (author)KneXFAN2002017-07-12

thank you

Element Force (author)2017-06-01

thats good bro! :D


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Bio: My name iby I am 13 and from Scotland, I like knex, rc car modifying and engineering
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