Knex Browning M1919 Chain-fed MG





Introduction: Knex Browning M1919 Chain-fed MG

THIS.... is the first k'nex browning posted on this site. it isn't to big which can be good and bad. Good for people with not much k'nex. or Bad because it doesn't look the right size to seem cool. It is a chain fed MG which fires at about 2-4 bullets a second.


Firing rate
Can fire continuously for ages depending on length of chain.

Long Reload time
Range (10-20ft)

Ahem. Excuse me. I'm surprised you've read this far.
Anyway, Let's start building!

Step 1: Chain

Ok. Let's get the boring part over and done with. THE CHAIN!!!

1.Individual bullet (note the 2 chain links)
2.All connected

Step 2: Handle

Now to start on the gun. First of: The Handle

1.Make 2.
2.Add Blue and Yellow Rods to one of them.
3.Make 2.
4.Connect one of them to the thing that you added the Blue and Yellow Rods to. (Picture 2)
5.Add either Y Connectors, Blue Spacers, End Clips OR Grey Connectors on the Blue Rods. Then wrap the wire from the Motor round the Rods.
6-7.Add the other 2 sides back on.
8.Add Blue Rods and Blue Spacers to the controller.
9. Attach it to the rest of the Handle

Step 3: Body

Now for the Body and all the components that make it work.

1.Make 2.
2.Add Green Rods onto the Sticky Outty Things...
3.Make these. They are 5 layers wide.
5.Make this.
6.Replace the Orange Connectors with something else if you don't want the Bipod.
7-8.Insert it in and attach the Handle.
9.Attach the other side on now.
10.Get 2 Blue Rods and put them where circled. This will stop the 5 layered things from flopping about.
11.Make This. The Rear Sight. Sorry about the blur.
13.Make this. You don't have to mod the Yellow Rod.

Step 4: Barrel

The confusing part. MODDED PIECES NEEDED!! :(

1.The modded pieces. 4 Grey Rods and 2 Yellow Rods.
2-3.Make this. Use the 2 modded yellows.
4.Make 2 of these. yes they are confusing. I'm sorry i couldn't show you the pattern. I would never be able to put it back again. Either use Snowflakes or try to figure it out for yourself.
8.Attach to gun.
9-10.Now the barrel will be a bit flimsy. So i suggest using a rubber band to pull it up.

Step 5: Tripod (Optional)

You don't have to build this but i think it's cool.

1.Build 3.
2-3.Close ups.
4-5.Build this.
6.Attach all 3.

You're done!



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    69 Discussions

    found one near enough the same (you have to flick a switch instead of press a button)

    yeah anyone will work but my one has the wire so i don't have to reach in to turn it on

    How does the chain work? how does it fire? NEED HELP!!!

    This is so confusing! you should add more views of the chain!

    hey nice gun how doo yoo get it to fire and how to fit the chain in?

    please please please try to make a version where there is NO MODDED PARTS! PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ!

    hey, mate this browning is awesome :D good work it looks grate, ive always had a thing for ww2 weaponry. Ive just got one problem, u know the smaller pictures at the bottom of the big one? well how do u select those to make them bigger? if you could reply asap that would be cool, cheers!

    4 replies

    there isn't a way to make them bigger via enlarge button or anything i don't think. but holding CTRL and scrolling changes the size of the page.

    This gun looks like trash compared to mine
    Works well though