Step 3: Body

Now for the Body and all the components that make it work.

1.Make 2.
2.Add Green Rods onto the Sticky Outty Things...
3.Make these. They are 5 layers wide.
5.Make this.
6.Replace the Orange Connectors with something else if you don't want the Bipod.
7-8.Insert it in and attach the Handle.
9.Attach the other side on now.
10.Get 2 Blue Rods and put them where circled. This will stop the 5 layered things from flopping about.
11.Make This. The Rear Sight. Sorry about the blur.
13.Make this. You don't have to mod the Yellow Rod.
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
i havent got that motor is there a way to use a different one???
found one near enough the same (you have to flick a switch instead of press a button)
Did that too.
cerj (author)  PiTBuLL8925 years ago
yeah anyone will work but my one has the wire so i don't have to reach in to turn it on
cn you use a differint motor
Fantaboy5 years ago
crap not enough green/black small pieces

still nice gun