As requested by stongill.

Sorry I'm a mouth behind schedule, I haven't have computer access for a while.

Step 1: Motormaster

Step 2: Brawl

Step 3: Swindle

Step 4: Blast Off

Step 5: Vortex

Step 6: Transformations

Step 7: Combination

Step 8: Coming Soon...

1. Combination Lock

2. Self-Transforming "Chimera" Ironhide

Theoretically should self-transform, but needs some help.

3. Taurus

Just a self-made transformer. He's a Lamborghini that transforms into a bull. Has quite a temper.

0_o THIS IS AAMMMAAZIING! btw 18efroese I've been a massive fan of ur k'nex transformers for aagggeeesss(Way way waaaayy before I had Instructables) and I've loved all your builds!!
...0_o I love ALL OF YOUR IBLES!!! :P
<p>Epic build here, good job!</p>
<p>That Ironhide looks pretty amazing too!</p>
<p>Pretty darn impressive!</p>

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Bio: I love knex and all the good stuff like robots and transformers. I'm male and looking for great knex ideas.
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