Knex Buckyball





Introduction: Knex Buckyball

Everyone likes buckyballs, so what I did was make my a buckyball structure out of k'nex. It's fairly easy to build and can be built in about 15 minutes.

For this project you will need

- 60 full moon connectors
- 60 blue flexi rods
- 30 normal blue rods

150 pieces total.

Step 1: Making the Pentagons

First thing you need to do is to make 12 pentagons using the full moon connectors and the blue flexi rods.

Step 2: Connecting the Pentagons

Now what you need to do is use the normal blue rods to connect the 12 pentagons.

Step 3: Adding the Connections

Attach the normal blue rods onto the full moon connectors as shown.

Step 4: Getting the Structure Together

3 more pentagons to be added. Place normal blue rods as shown.

Step 5: Almost Done

12 more blue rods and 3 more pentagons to go.

Step 6: All Done

And ready for cat use.



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    cool! I've never seen blue bendy rods: D

    I've been trying to think how to turn most k'nex creations to ball machine elements. this could be a bowl the ball lands into that gets pulled down buy a motor operated... thing... then the ball gets launched by the bucky ball and gets reset by the motor operated puller-down-thing :)

    Wow, just when I thought my OSSR would be the last gun featured for quite a while... but nice job.

    how do you get your ible featured??

    so the admins just randomly picks ibles to be featured?

    no, I dont know how they select ibles.

    They select which ibles to feature by the grammar, pictures, clearness of the pictues, and last but not least, if it is actually good.

    Im not saying your OSSR was not good, because it was, but like you said, its probably the crappy pictures.