Knex Buster Sword





Introduction: Knex Buster Sword

Hey, this is my first Instructable and I just wanted to see if anyone liked it, I was just playing around with my knex and decided to make it.
Based off Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7.
The Good Parts:
Seperates into 5 pieces (I know the real one has about 7)
Blade is sturdy
Cool looking.

Bad Parts:
Handle guard and handle to blade connection is weak
takes about 10 seconds to take the sword apart into seperate blades
Besides main blade on their own the other blades aren't very strong.

So please tell me what you think of it. I'm looking for lots of constructive criticism as it is my first instructable.

P.S, pictures taken on my phone.



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    Hey I only had it put as a slideshow because instructables sent me one of those annoying messages when it wasn't, and i think hardly anyone knows the name of it that way so yeah... and also it is rather difficult to make knex look like Cloud's sword, if your determined that mine is terrible I would like to see you give it a shot. SDon't mean to sound snappy and thanks for commenting

    Try to use the reply button so I know you're commenting. And I don't don't do k'nex, I'm a k'nex hater, so I can't give it a shot. And the only reason I looked at this slideshow is because I'm a Final Fantasy fan. And yeah, this sword is Cloud's SECOND sword, and it is called the First Tsurugi, not the Buster Sword.

    Ok thanks for commenting and i'm pretty sure you know more than me about final fantasy but i own final fantasy 7 and i've never heard it be called the first tsurugi...

    The First Tsurugi, the sword that can be split up into 7 pieces (Cloud's second sword) appeared on the continuation of FF7, a movie (not a game, a movie) called Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

    Actally 6 pieces. the main sword, one on the front, 2 on the back, and 2 on the side

    stop hating him just because he did a knex model of a tsurugi and called it a buster sword, im a ff fan as well and im not picky enough to correct someone on a site where it doesn't really matter as lond as the design works

    Wow dont know that many people besides me that know its called the first tsurugi

    Well actually i made one that was about 4ft or so and it had all the peices and it was awesome. but i dont have it any more i forget what happened to it