Introduction: Knex Butterfly Knife

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I decided J_SCAP's Butterfly Knife but a little bit bigger. I really just changed the rods from yellow to red.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Gather these Materials

Step 2: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

First we will make the Handle of the Butterfly Knife

Step 3: The Body

Picture of The Body

Now we will make the body of the Butterfly Knife

Step 4: Putting It Togather

Picture of Putting It Togather

Lastly, we will put the Butterfly knife together.


turdus_migratus (author)2014-06-10

This is better than hellchilds, its the actual size of a butterfly knife, this is the best one on the page!!! :D

fidgety2 (author)2013-11-05

might i suggest that if you are looking at using this knex replica as a trainer knife use a marker or tape to indicate which side is the "safe" side so that if and when you decide to get a real one you dont lose your fingers just my 2 cents

thank you,

dragon spy123 (author)2012-08-08

good job bro

bobthebuilder65 (author)2011-10-06

lol well no, but it looks better when it looks like a blade.

mcarlson52 (author)2011-01-22

dude ur a pimp this rox

bobthebuilder65 (author)2010-10-24

yeah it's nice but the blade is still just a stick...

WataAtaCrackahJack (author)2010-07-11

As a trainer this is great I first tried on the real thing that belonged to my grandfather and almost cut myself. After building and practicing on this I was able to flick the real one around smoothly, safely, and without fear of stiches

killmasteh (author)2009-07-09

it looks gr8 but were did u get all the peces for tha handle :O

aznarjen (author)2009-04-28


hoi (author)2009-04-09

its an great knife!!! its real fun.

the gizmoman (author)2008-11-05

this is a butterfly gun I've built (it really shoots)

thebboy (author)2008-07-08

i think u should take this off

thebboy (author)2008-07-08

wow. wat was the point of all that. this is why i love instructables. randomness makes me happy.

dsman195276 (author)2008-03-07

yea i done that. you might want to add a link to the orginal.

CelloMan (author)dsman1952762008-03-07

this is the same as the mods just with red rods instead of yellow

dsman195276 (author)CelloMan2008-03-07

yea i know that!

CelloMan (author)dsman1952762008-03-08

then you should have made it a forum

dsman195276 (author)CelloMan2008-03-08

um, i dident make the instructable.

CelloMan (author)dsman1952762008-03-08


dsman195276 (author)CelloMan2008-03-08

ARE YOU BLIND MAN?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?

author: tbone121


CelloMan (author)dsman1952762008-03-08

yeah im blind i payed no attention to it. srry

dsman195276 (author)CelloMan2008-03-08

what ever.

Hellchild (author)dsman1952762008-03-10

Hey it's my instructable

dsman195276 (author)Hellchild2008-03-10

no. but it doesent really matter.

Hellchild (author)dsman1952762008-03-11

Yes this is, I made this one here

dsman195276 (author)Hellchild2008-07-05

no, j_scap made that.

Hellchild (author)dsman1952762008-07-06

well, it's my instructable

thebboy (author)2008-04-06

this sucks cuz you copied and ya so ya and ooooh ya and horay and what not. LMAO. *ouch*

tbone121 (author)2008-03-29

wat ever i didn't see any of this stuff on here and i don't care.

thebboy (author)2008-03-11

man i wish i could give this a negative rating

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-07

Pretty cool. Yeah, agreeing with dsman1, you should add in the think of the original. Looks pretty cool, I want to try it out now. :P

Hellchild (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-10

But this is mine, all he did was change the Length!

s0lekill3r (author)2008-03-08

This belongs in the forums..

CelloMan (author)s0lekill3r2008-03-08

if you read more comments you would have seen my comment saying the same thing

s0lekill3r (author)CelloMan2008-03-09

Well actually i read ALL of the comments, so thanks for checking up on me. I just thought we need to get it through thbone121' head that it didn't need to be posted..

CelloMan (author)s0lekill3r2008-03-09

yah you're right this should be a... forum forum forum forum forum forum forum forum forum forum forum

tbone121 (author)2008-03-08

OK, I'm sorry if I took anyones idea or anything like that

smidge147 (author)2008-03-08

this didn't need to be posted.

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