Knex Butterfly Knife





Introduction: Knex Butterfly Knife

I decided J_SCAP's Butterfly Knife but a little bit bigger. I really just changed the rods from yellow to red.

Step 1: Materials

Gather these Materials

Step 2: The Handle

First we will make the Handle of the Butterfly Knife

Step 3: The Body

Now we will make the body of the Butterfly Knife

Step 4: Putting It Togather

Lastly, we will put the Butterfly knife together.



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    This is better than hellchilds, its the actual size of a butterfly knife, this is the best one on the page!!! :D

    might i suggest that if you are looking at using this knex replica as a trainer knife use a marker or tape to indicate which side is the "safe" side so that if and when you decide to get a real one you dont lose your fingers just my 2 cents

    thank you,

    lol well no, but it looks better when it looks like a blade.

    dude ur a pimp this rox

    yeah it's nice but the blade is still just a stick...

    As a trainer this is great I first tried on the real thing that belonged to my grandfather and almost cut myself. After building and practicing on this I was able to flick the real one around smoothly, safely, and without fear of stiches

    it looks gr8 but were did u get all the peces for tha handle :O


    its an great knife!!! its real fun.