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I decided J_SCAP's Butterfly Knife but a little bit bigger. I really just changed the rods from yellow to red.

Step 1: Materials

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Gather these Materials
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This is better than hellchilds, its the actual size of a butterfly knife, this is the best one on the page!!! :D

tbone121 (author) 7 years ago
OK, I'm sorry if I took anyones idea or anything like that
No your'e not this is mine! all that you did was change the length, you even copied the handles
If you were really sorry you wouldn't have posted it
i agree, you should've atleast asked before you posted it, or if you absolutely HAD to post you could've made it a forum.
jollex thebboy7 years ago
thebboy jollex7 years ago
jollex thebboy7 years ago
yeerk21 jollex7 years ago


thebboy yeerk217 years ago
wow. wat was the point of all that. this is why i love instructables. randomness makes me happy.
? yours?
J_scaps knife, my instructable
SO? just because you made the instructable does not make this yours.
fidgety21 year ago
might i suggest that if you are looking at using this knex replica as a trainer knife use a marker or tape to indicate which side is the "safe" side so that if and when you decide to get a real one you dont lose your fingers just my 2 cents

thank you,
good job bro
It's not that good, but its great for training to know how to wield a real one.
yeah it's nice but the blade is still just a stick...
Lol were you planning to go out and stab people with it? :P
lol well no, but it looks better when it looks like a blade.
Well u could like... Melt it and shape it into a blade I guess if ur tryna make it realistic lol
mcarlson524 years ago
dude ur a pimp this rox
As a trainer this is great I first tried on the real thing that belonged to my grandfather and almost cut myself. After building and practicing on this I was able to flick the real one around smoothly, safely, and without fear of stiches
killmasteh6 years ago
it looks gr8 but were did u get all the peces for tha handle :O
aznarjen6 years ago
hoi6 years ago
its an great knife!!! its real fun.
this is a butterfly gun I've built (it really shoots)
thebboy7 years ago
i think u should take this off
dsman1952767 years ago
yea i done that. you might want to add a link to the orginal.
this is the same as the mods just with red rods instead of yellow
yea i know that!
then you should have made it a forum
um, i dident make the instructable.
ARE YOU BLIND MAN?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?

author: tbone121

yeah im blind i payed no attention to it. srry
what ever.
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