Knex CCB1 (Compact Combat Bow 1)




Introduction: Knex CCB1 (Compact Combat Bow 1)

This is my first crossbow on instructables. I had made one before this that was almost as powerful but. this thing was too beast for it. Enjoy the pictures.



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    It might be old, but it's insanely powerful

    True. Crossbows usually are. When I'm done with my D-bow v2 I'm going to post showing the gun off. It will use a rail pin system to prevent the firing pin from exploding, and will use a more complicated trigger mechanism than of the first bow I posted. If it works right, it will also be insanely powerful, maybe even more insanely powerful than most insanely powerful guns. :)

    Mine doesn't have a pin though so it cant explode

    Yeah, but you have to keep in mind. My gun is using a Logic bow mech. That means it's a pin gun powered by a ratchet slingshot, or a hybrid k'nex gun if you prefer simpler terms. Plus, as an added bonus ratchets are so freaking strong they can easily hold back more than 20 bands. I think I just went overkill with power. XD

    Thanks. I forgot to mention it also uses a concept from oblivitus that allows front barrel mechs built for it to be removed and interchanged. If you noticed my first D-bow being assembled with just metallic silver rods, it uses the same concept. For example, you have a TR-18, a shotgun shell, and a NAR barrel mech. These can be removed from the front of the gun and be swapped out, turning 1 gun into 3 different types of guns without just building all 3 guns as a whole. This is a truly innovative concept that saves on parts. If I can REALLY get the v2 to actually work, it would be so epic it would even out perform most railguns. And that would be a huge step towards making adaptive weapons possbly the future of k'nex gunning.

    OMG, this looks like my modified overkill.....
    but with a better stock

    oh, and i modified my removing the turret, it didnt work for me.

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    i like the look of it alot! good job =D

    Distance: 2 strings:35yrds-40yrds or 105ft-120ft
    3 strings:55yrds-60yrds or 165ft-180ft
    (String)-2 rubber bands tied together

    It can now shoot through 3 cans

    i like it

    This looks great =D And I can see its power =D