This is the waited for Mk3 of the Creping Death Rifle series. Read the pros and cons =D

Extremely Powerful
Very High range 65-80 ft ***Avg range is about 71 ft***
Looks wild
Simple Scope
Brutally strong trigger
Thick Bow

Still too weak
Bands act weird every now and then

awesome! ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ uoısɹǝʌ sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ı
Thank you =D The only thing wrong with this version was the range and it was a little too flexible lol.
ow &not;&not;<br> -----<br>i still like it.
what is that thing at the end <br>
LOL if your talking about the front, Its the bow =D
awsome! i can see you used your rifle barrel from the creeping death rifle
I do tend to recycle parts from guns, but check out the Lethal Mk4 =D
lol XD
I see you changed your picture to MW1 =D
yep, the best call of duty ever made, thanks to infinity ward, NOT treyarc lol XD
Yea, infinity ward was the original makers of the game I believe. Are you waiting for Modern Warfare 3?
yep! cant wait
Sounds good my friend =D
I hope MW3 is better than MW2. Im doing the capaign in MW2 right now to get it out of the way. I just beat all the Hardened levels, im going to do all of the veteran levels now, but later XD
MW1 pwns all lol XD
MW1 is what got me into CoD, MW2 is what keeps me coming back for more fun =D
same =D
Hows the shotbow doing, did you blow it up?
bad, yes lol, with my C4 XD
I figured that. The last time an NAR failed on me, I therw it at the floor as hard as I could, and it shattered like a reversed bullet hitting a car XD
lol XD I LOVE BREAKING GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The NAR I made was supposed to shoot 120+ ft, but it only shot 45ft with 6 #64 bands =( This gun by the way has a reinforced underbarrel now XD
lol, i got 15 ft with it XDXDXD
WTF!? I GOT 120 FT with the Mk4 of the C.D.C.R. XD
cool XD
First gun that has ever gotten more than 100 ft EVER, for me =D Do you like crossbows?
epic XD yep
Im trying to find a good Bi-pod to use, since it can't accept a stock this time around.
I found what held the gun back this time, it had the wrong mach, and the barrel was too short =(
lol =D
This is cool =D
Thank you =D The Mk4 of this gun is more powerful and looks better XD
yes i just commented on that and rated 5* =D it looks like you have put A LOT of effort into it!
Yea man, it took about a week to perfect this version alone =D
Nice build, i really like the bow. 5*
Thank you =D This gun does some pretty good damage.
very nice! =D
Thank you =D It has a lot of power, but not enough range =(
=D C.Q.B sniper lol XD
What does C.Q.B. mean?
close quaters battle
Nice =D Next version will have a longer barrel, and a SR-V2 mech, and the ammo will needed to be modded to handle the intense power it has now =D
kool =D
It has 4 long bands, need to get the most use of them =D
true lol =D

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