This is the waited for Mk3 of the Creping Death Rifle series. Read the pros and cons =D

Extremely Powerful
Very High range 65-80 ft ***Avg range is about 71 ft***
Looks wild
Simple Scope
Brutally strong trigger
Thick Bow

Still too weak
Bands act weird every now and then

awesome! ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ uoısɹǝʌ sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ı
Thank you =D The only thing wrong with this version was the range and it was a little too flexible lol.
ow &not;&not;<br> -----<br>i still like it.
what is that thing at the end <br>
LOL if your talking about the front, Its the bow =D
awsome! i can see you used your rifle barrel from the creeping death rifle
I do tend to recycle parts from guns, but check out the Lethal Mk4 =D
This is cool =D
Thank you =D The Mk4 of this gun is more powerful and looks better XD
yes i just commented on that and rated 5* =D it looks like you have put A LOT of effort into it!
Yea man, it took about a week to perfect this version alone =D
Nice build, i really like the bow. 5*
Thank you =D This gun does some pretty good damage.
very nice! =D
Thank you =D It has a lot of power, but not enough range =(
=D C.Q.B sniper lol XD
What does C.Q.B. mean?
close quaters battle
Nice =D Next version will have a longer barrel, and a SR-V2 mech, and the ammo will needed to be modded to handle the intense power it has now =D
kool =D
It has 4 long bands, need to get the most use of them =D
true lol =D

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