This has got to be the most LETHAL knex gun I have made since I started knexing XD Just read the stats ROFL

LETHAL Range 115 -135 ft
Very Accurate

No Stock

****UPDATE 1**** 6/22/11
This gun has officially damaged a 1/4 inch knex tub. - Pics 17 to 21 -

wow!! post!
Will do =D
I think you should post. I could have double crossbows. I've actually never had a knex war with anyone except myself. I bet there a lot of fun.<br>
I will post instructions for it sometime; but wait for the last version of this one =D
Im fine with waiting. Kinda random but, I wish there were more knex minigun's<br>(also random, do u have an iPod, if so do u have doodle army2.)
I dont have an iPod; sorry =(
thats ok <br>
Do you have an FB?<br>
Facebook? I used too but I got disabled.
Thats cool.<br>
they are, i have mine inside so i don't have to search for ammo on the ground
if you still have this built can you put a video of it fireing up <br>thanks <br>
I see what I can do =D
Thank you =D
ur welcome
Did you try making the Desert Eagle 'ible of mine?
i built it off the pics of the thing ssying you had one
Nice =D
=D but then i trashed it after 3 days |:
dont have knex
Just wondering =D
would you be able to put a thing up on how to make it
I might once I disassemble it =D But you would have to wait about a month.
sweet as <br>do you hav4e any for your othrer guns <br>
Not yet =( But im working on my R.C.P. Mk4 'ible XD
well I don't care about the stock because if you add one it will get way to big. so in my opinion it's worth 5*. =D
Thank you =D That comment waited 4 days to show up XD But yeah, this gun is Lethally powerful =D
Hey, this looks cool :D
Thank you =D It was built for sniping knexers from cover =D Considering it can shoot up to 135 ft XD
Hah, awesome :D
not bad at all :)
Thank you =D
yeah it's pretty good!:)
Especially considering the stats it has XD
Anti-material grade weapon =D
well, yeah not to offend but it ain't THAT good..
I know =D
haha always your smileys '=D' haha!:D
I always use smileys because I am usually happy =D
That's the spirit!=D
Yup =) Are you planning a new knex project?
Thank you =D this gun is LETHAL XD
Your welcome! =D
no offence but these are anoying
Do they always mess up on you or something?

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