Introduction: Knex C.D.C.R. Mk6 (Creeping Death Crossbow Rifle)

Picture of Knex C.D.C.R. Mk6 (Creeping Death Crossbow Rifle)

This is the somewhat waited for Creeping Death Mk6 anti-material bow that can destroy almost anything. Read the stats XD

LETHAL Range *estimated 180 ft
Creeping Death Scope II
Improved trigger
SR-V2 Mech
Creeping Death Handle

Needs custom ammo
Long reload time *20 seconds or more



JJ8090 (author)2012-09-24

EPIC!!!!!! Is The Instructional Post On You Channel This One?

Vaetheon (author)2011-07-27

dude this thing is sweet do you know if it shoots through anything? 5*

beanieostrich (author)Vaetheon2011-07-27

From what I know it can go through Drywall, and the knex tubs at max power. And thank you =D

Vaetheon (author)beanieostrich2011-07-27

nice. I haven't actually tried drywall yet.

beanieostrich (author)Vaetheon2011-07-27

With sharpened ammo, this thing can kill someone, like the Mk7 and Mk8 versions lol.

Vaetheon (author)beanieostrich2011-07-27

yeah I know same with mine

beanieostrich (author)Vaetheon2011-07-27

Mk8 version might shoot over 230ft lol.

Vaetheon (author)beanieostrich2011-07-27


Vaetheon (author)beanieostrich2011-07-27

my bow just owned my drywall

beanieostrich (author)Vaetheon2011-07-27

Thats good to know =D

Football viking boy (author)2011-07-13

this series keeps getting better, can't wait to see the future versions! 5*

Thank you =D Mk7 will be out in a week; or after im done the instructions to my AR-20 Prototype IV =D

Fr-Pa-Co (author)2011-07-06

That scope is awesome

beanieostrich (author)Fr-Pa-Co2011-07-06

Thank you =D

Fr-Pa-Co (author)beanieostrich2011-07-12

I thought it was real at first

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-07-05

Awesome it looks better than the last

Thank you =D It finally got a new scope =D

your welcome =D yay =D

There will be a Mk7 version =D

what will be different? =D

It will have a reinforced bi-pod and a better scope =D

sounds good =D

I have a forum topic for you to see =D Look for it in my profile.

i saw it sounds awesome

I have plans for another assault rifle =D

cool =D

You ever seen the T.C.R. 51 Mk5? It will be the Mk6 version =D

no but ill check it out now and btw i just built a motorcycle out of knex and i will make an ible

Cool =D

thx it should be up in mabye a half hour =D

Thats cool =D

nvm i just ran out of pics on my camera so mabye a week because i got camp

Its ok =D Have fun at camp =D

good news uploading them right now

i will and thx =D and i just built a replica mp5 =D it should be up in a week too and goodbye for now

robin94 (author)2011-07-09

Nice crossbow Xd

beanieostrich (author)robin942011-07-09

Thank you =D This is an anti-material bow because of the massive power it has XD

mberg (author)2011-07-05

lookin better by the minute

beanieostrich (author)mberg2011-07-05

And getting more deadly XD

MegaMetal8 (author)2011-07-04

good. Scope looks awesome

beanieostrich (author)MegaMetal82011-07-05

Thank you MM8 =D

~KGB~ (author)2011-07-04

nice! scope looks amazing! =D

beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-07-04

Cheers mate =D

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-07-04

np =D

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