Knex C.D.C.R. Mk6 (Creeping Death Crossbow Rifle)

Picture of Knex C.D.C.R. Mk6 (Creeping Death Crossbow Rifle)
This is the somewhat waited for Creeping Death Mk6 anti-material bow that can destroy almost anything. Read the stats XD

LETHAL Range *estimated 180 ft
Creeping Death Scope II
Improved trigger
SR-V2 Mech
Creeping Death Handle

Needs custom ammo
Long reload time *20 seconds or more

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JJ80901 year ago
EPIC!!!!!! Is The Instructional Post On You Channel This One?
dude this thing is sweet do you know if it shoots through anything? 5*
beanieostrich (author)  BlackShadow123 years ago
From what I know it can go through Drywall, and the knex tubs at max power. And thank you =D
nice. I haven't actually tried drywall yet.
beanieostrich (author)  BlackShadow123 years ago
With sharpened ammo, this thing can kill someone, like the Mk7 and Mk8 versions lol.
yeah I know same with mine
beanieostrich (author)  BlackShadow123 years ago
Mk8 version might shoot over 230ft lol.
my bow just owned my drywall
beanieostrich (author)  BlackShadow123 years ago
Thats good to know =D
this series keeps getting better, can't wait to see the future versions! 5*
Thank you =D Mk7 will be out in a week; or after im done the instructions to my AR-20 Prototype IV =D
Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
That scope is awesome
beanieostrich (author)  Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
Thank you =D
I thought it was real at first
Awesome it looks better than the last
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
Thank you =D It finally got a new scope =D
your welcome =D yay =D
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
There will be a Mk7 version =D
what will be different? =D
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
It will have a reinforced bi-pod and a better scope =D
sounds good =D
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
I have a forum topic for you to see =D Look for it in my profile.
i saw it sounds awesome
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
I have plans for another assault rifle =D
cool =D
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
You ever seen the T.C.R. 51 Mk5? It will be the Mk6 version =D
no but ill check it out now and btw i just built a motorcycle out of knex and i will make an ible
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
Cool =D
thx it should be up in mabye a half hour =D
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
Thats cool =D
nvm i just ran out of pics on my camera so mabye a week because i got camp
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
Its ok =D Have fun at camp =D
good news uploading them right now
i will and thx =D and i just built a replica mp5 =D it should be up in a week too and goodbye for now
robin943 years ago
Nice crossbow Xd
beanieostrich (author)  robin943 years ago
Thank you =D This is an anti-material bow because of the massive power it has XD
mberg3 years ago
lookin better by the minute
beanieostrich (author)  mberg3 years ago
And getting more deadly XD
MegaMetal83 years ago
good. Scope looks awesome
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