Introduction: Knex C.D.C.R. Mk8 (Creeping Death Crossbow Rifle)

Picture of Knex C.D.C.R. Mk8 (Creeping Death Crossbow Rifle)

I present to you the Creeping Death Mk8. It has more po... READ THE STATS XD

Extreme range x > 180 ft
More draw distance 
Iron sights
Shorter load time
Easy to maintain
Uses an SR-V2 mech

Needs a modded ammo



vorologio (author)2015-03-29

instructions available?

ooocol22 (author)2012-01-19

buy at ammunation ?? wht is tht

beanieostrich (author)ooocol222012-01-19

A thing that is said over the "radio" in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

dr. richtofen (author)2011-08-06


what did his comment say? It shows up like a "?" in a diamond o:

i said awesome in bubble text, there were bubbles around the text

How do you like this gun mate?

I liked it alot, but why do you have the foregrip like that, why dont you make it more in the gun you know, like, not so far out with the huge gap, and the stock, the red rod, you should make that a bit sturdier, but other than that, Great job :D

Thank you =D Not all guns are perfect lol. Im making a smaller version too lol.

lol, cool

It has noticeable recoil lol. Its small but very powerful lol.

lol, how many band did you put on it so it has recoil?

The powerboosters are what supply the recoil lol. Other than one moderately sized band lol =D

Thank you =D Its my most powerful gun so far lol.

awesome, is that thing behind the handle, with the red rod, a stock?
i'm not shure what it is, as it seems to be a little small for that

Yes, it is a stock lol. The stock on this version houses the release mech. The gun is like all but 1 meter.

lol, to me, 1 meter is alot. But thats because i have quite a little amount of knex, barely enough good (not micro) knex to build bm's m14

I might make a small version of this gun sometime lol. Hows that sound?

good!, altough i dont wanna cut pieces, but good idea!

Seleziona (author)2011-08-02

You say it needs modded ammunition. What kind is it?

beanieostrich (author)Seleziona2011-08-02

It is a sharpened red rod with the tan clip glued to one end. Ill give you a pic of the ammo lol.

Seleziona (author)beanieostrich2011-08-03

I don't like the idea of modded ammo like that :/

beanieostrich (author)Seleziona2011-08-03

Im sorry mate, its the only non-SRV2 ammo that would work. But you could use SR-V2 ammo because after all it is a tweaked SR-V2 mech that the gun uses for power. =D

Seleziona (author)beanieostrich2011-08-03

ahh, alright. I just don't like sharpening rods or glueing pieces, that's all.

beanieostrich (author)Seleziona2011-08-04

I used to be like that until I built and modded your Dragunov lol.

Seleziona (author)beanieostrich2011-08-06

Haha :P

beanieostrich (author)Seleziona2011-08-06

Your Dragunov is very mod-able lol. I might make a Dragunov of my own sometime lol.

Seleziona (author)beanieostrich2011-08-07

I bet it is. lol, cool :)

beanieostrich (author)Seleziona2011-08-07

Thats what my old T.C.R. 51 series is based off of lol. I was gonna bring it back but I figured I wont lol.

Zamzammy2009 (author)2011-08-07

I'm new to slingshot guns, how does it work?

It loads from the very back, and uses a trigger to release the ammo.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-08-01


Cheers =D

~KGB~ (author)2011-07-31

Quality right there... =D

beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-07-31

Cheers mate =D its my deadliest weapon yet =D

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-07-31

np. =D

beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-07-31

Time to take this thing even further lol =D

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-07-31

lol =D 2 meter barell

beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-07-31

If I have enough pieces, I might consider lol =D

awsome gun best crossbow youve made ever post instructions

I just might post instructions lol.

please do

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-07-31


mberg (author)2011-08-01

This thing is such a beast. The pictures look a lot better

beanieostrich (author)mberg2011-08-01

Thank you man =D I did end up getting a new camera lol.

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