Chopstx's Futuristic Pistol. This was originally my slide project, but I couldn't get a slide that would work for this pistol body. I have another idea that involves a different barrel, and also a ratcheting hammer gun that I got the idea for from Oblivitus.

So anyway, this was what I was working on for the last part of summer break... Man these days go by so fast! First 2 pics are my favorite, the others are variations of it.
I like it.
Very nice, and HOLY SHIT YOUR STILL ALIVE O.O <br> <br>The only awesome thing posted in a while is SM39's Skeeball Machine. Other than that, not much. Almost all of the Knexers (As of when I joined) are gone. Real shame. <br> <br>Anyways, how ya been?
I've been gone for like 2 years lol... So yeah its been a while. Not much innovative stuff recently. :( And I also noticed that everyone is just posting pics, and I miss the good 'ol days when you were proud to have a full 'ible...

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