Hello knexers and friends. I know I have not posted an actual picture instructable in a while but here is my latest gun that is worth being shown. It is a .23 caliber 6 shot carbine rifle based off of Puddock's AK-47 and Kar98. I combined both guns, and added a pin guide so the pin doesnt bend so badly. Now for some stats on this gun eh?

Pin guided
Fairly easy to use/maintain
Looks "real"
Fairly relaible

Mags can act funky
The charging handle has to be pulled quickly
Not very accurate
Bad Range = 15-25ft

Puddock for his Kar98 stock and AK receiver.

looks like the plasma rifle out of Fallout 3 (my second fav gun)
Pretty nice man!
Thanks. :)
PPSH lookalike?<br>
You're kind of right! :) It would look more like one if it had a drum mag and other stuff.
Fake drum mag? (like on selez' striker) but smaller. Maybe that looks epic :D
You're too late for this gun, I removed the mag well in the V3. And a drum mag at that point would have been deadweight for the gun. :)
Lol, true
it does look like the real thing. good job.
This is cool dude :)
Thanks man. =)
looks pretty good!
Thanks. =) I will try and improve the gun when I get time to do so.
No problem, and nice!
Yup. So far ive made the mag problem less noticeable, and the barrel to reciever connection is now much better.
cool =)
Other than sights, what do you think the gun should have?
hmmm, I think an longer barrel.<br>Maybe an rail system?<br>Other than that, I can't think of any
Longer barrel sounds good. And I will try rails. =)
cool :D
I now have a slight pin guide mod for the gun that allows for more elastics to be added to the gun. It looks a little weird, but it works fairly well.
The pin guide mod actually did no good to the performance of the gun. So I removed it.
Thank you.
looks nice 3.5
Thank you! =)
Good job Beanie!
Thanks. =)
Awesome! 5 stars.
Cheers! :)

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