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Introduction: Knex CX4 Storm

Hello Instructables, Today I have you my Berretta CX4 Strom. Sorry I haven't been very active lately, I've been busy helping blue mullet build the Weapon of war, also I was on vacation for 2 weeks and I started a HUGE Project. Any ways lets talk about the real Gun. The Berretta CX4 Storm is a Semi Automatic 9mm Pistol Carbine. It is a futuristic design and is used in many ways. Its great accuracy and low recoil makes it a favorite for target shooters, its reliability makes it great for the military.

Now about my CX4 Storm.


Looks Good

Good Weight

8 round mag

Shoots about 30-35 feet

Long pin pull

Jams Often


Trigger mech off Blue Mullets Mp7a1

So thank you guys for viewing my gun and don't be Afraid to drop a comment.

Step 1: Internal Pic



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how does the barrel connect to the gun..?

psssst geef mij ns de internals als je klaar bent

Dat kan lang duren, want ik bouw hem nog niet.

Wait your building it? But yes that is how the barrel attaches.

Not building it yet, that was just to show how it attaches.
Maybe I'll build it soon-ish, I'll have to see, but it does look pretty cool.

dont have the pieces to build right now, just build an aug today