K'nex Cable Car





Introduction: K'nex Cable Car

About: I normally talk in french but i talk in english on instructables.I am 14 year old and y can do any invention(or almost).

Step 1: What You Need


-2 yellow
-2 blue
-3 wheels
-1 motors
-3 blues rings
-1 gray ring
-1 elastic
- rope(the length you need)

-4 white
-2 grey
-3 beige

Step 2: Put the White Connectors on the Sides of the Engine

Step 3: Add the Yellow Rod and the Gray Connector

Step 4: Add a Wheel and a Beige Connector

Step 5: Add the Blue Rods and the White Connectors on the Top of the Engine

Step 6: Put a Wheel on a Yellow Rod and Add a Beige Connector

Step 7: Add 1 Blue Ring on the Right and on the Left Put a Grey Ring

Step 8: Assemble It Between the White Connectors and Put a Blue Ring on the Right

Step 9: Add a Blue Ring and a Grey Connector

Step 10: Add a Wheel on the Other Side

Step 11: Add a Beige Connector

Step 12: Put the Elastic on the Wheel

Step 13: Attach the Rope to Make It Tight

Step 14: Add the Cable Car

Step 15: Start It

Step 16: Have Fun !

You will put it outdoor is really funny.

Please follow, vote for me and give me a comment:-P

My parents are agree for the contest .



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    Made!!! This is awesome!!!

    I like that it doesn't take a lot of pieces!!! I'll be able to make this in 30 minutes!!! THANKS!!!