Knex Cable Car





Introduction: Knex Cable Car

This is a small machine I made recently. Its a cable car that rides on a long piece of chain. Nothing too phenomenal, but I hadn't posted anything in a while and I thought some of you may like it...


Step 1: List-o-pieces

Well, although the piece list is very small, I thought I'd make one anyway. Woot!

Green - 32
White - 34
Blue - 10
Yellow - 4

Green - 16
Yellow - 14
White - 6
Blue - 4
Purple - 4

Chain - as much as you have. I used about 40 feet.
Red Gears - 6
Yellow  Gears (photo) - 2
Tan Clips - 16
Blue Spacer - 12
Silver Spacer - 4
Power pack motor - 1

Step 2: Gear It Up

This is the step in which you will make the gear and axle assemblies that will ride on the chain. Get to it!

1: Make this. The tan clips/spacer are identical on the other side
2: Build two
3: Now build this
4: Another view

That's done. Keep going!

Step 3: Not the Guts (the Sides)

These are just the two side panels. Easy!



Step 4: Make It Pull Its Own Weight

...By making the motor assembly.

Build this by looking at the three images shown.

Step 5: Assembley

Time to put it together!

1: Snap in the motor assembley on to the two yellow connectors like so
2: Another view
3: Slide the gears into their respective holes
4: Another view of that
5: Feel free to wrap up the extra cord around that blue rod
6: Slap the other panel on to finish it up!

Step 6: Don't Not Set It Up

Time to set it up!

Find two objects that are just slightly closer than the length of your chain. Hammer in a nail, and place the chain on it like so.

Make sure the chain has no twists or broken links (photo 3). This can cause the whole thing to break.

Unclip the chain, slide it through the car and reattach it, and presto! A cablecar!

Step 7: Done!

You're all done!

Thanks very much for viewing my instructable.




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    this thing is to heavy my chain just snaps

    Is it possible to use a micro-chain?

    Oh, shoot... I guess you can't.

     i just LOVVVVV the info pic :)

    ima make it to turn off my light before i got to bed cuz im either 2 lazy and i forget and im already in bed but there is 1 problem...       how the heck will it turn off????

    get an old fasiond touch one then add a rod to the front with duct tape get solar power motor the get it going towards thelamp it should touch the lamp shut the lamp down therefore shuting its power source down so it cant move.

    Try saying that again in english, and you'll get an answer.