This, as the title suggests, is a calculator made out of knex.  It is extremely easy to use and requires a small amount of parts.  It can add the numbers 1-9 to create instantaneous answers of 1-18.

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Processors

Step 3: Processor Track

Step 4: Display, Installing the Mobile Processor, and Building the Addition Wand

Step 5: How Do I Use It?

<a href="http://jameshbarc.pbworks.com/w/page/13051597/Knex-Computer">http://jameshbarc.pbworks.com/w/page/13051597/Knex-Computer</a><br> <br> I'm guessing you used this as inspiration?
<p>They look very similar</p>
To quote the creators of Spamalot &quot;Lovingly ripped off from.&quot;
Your instructables picture looks great! Here's what you look like when you look at yourself in the mirror. <br><br>
Is there any way to bypass the Knex Track?
Maybe you could just use normal yellow pieces.
Thanks, I made it with just yellow pieces like you said and changed the 2nd step a little and it works fine. 5 stars
This is sorta lame, it only lets u add 1-9 to make 18! most the people who would build this would know all of those facts like I do. y wast knex on a machine for it!
*facepalm* The point was, he made a calculator. Don't you see?
nice idea!
Even though it wasn't technically his.
i know =D
Cool! 5*
Wow, I've not seen a calculator like sinc my maths teacher brought his in from when he was 12! Simple, but it works!
Like a slide rule http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/be12/?cpg=froogle

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