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Introduction: Knex Calculator

This, as the title suggests, is a calculator made out of knex.  It is extremely easy to use and requires a small amount of parts.  It can add the numbers 1-9 to create instantaneous answers of 1-18.

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Processors

Step 3: Processor Track

Step 4: Display, Installing the Mobile Processor, and Building the Addition Wand

Step 5: How Do I Use It?



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    They look very similar

    To quote the creators of Spamalot "Lovingly ripped off from."

    Your instructables picture looks great! Here's what you look like when you look at yourself in the mirror.


    Maybe you could just use normal yellow pieces.

    Thanks, I made it with just yellow pieces like you said and changed the 2nd step a little and it works fine. 5 stars

    This is sorta lame, it only lets u add 1-9 to make 18! most the people who would build this would know all of those facts like I do. y wast knex on a machine for it!

    1 reply

    *facepalm* The point was, he made a calculator. Don't you see?

    i know =D

    Wow, I've not seen a calculator like sinc my maths teacher brought his in from when he was 12! Simple, but it works!

    1 reply

    Like a slide rule