This is my first instructable.
Credit: 1% jmm72 for the idea of a camera gun
99% me for everthing else

Shoots about 20 ft? (I have not tested the range) UPDATE: Shoots 30 ft - 35 ft. It also depends on your rubber bands.
Single shot
True trigger

Sorry, the pictures are a bit blurry. They were taken from an ipod touch.

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Everything

Step 3: Ram and Banding

Step 4: Firing

Pull back the ram, then put a white rod in the barrel, and then take a picture!!
I 'Shot' a pic of my friends :3
what does it shoot and how do you load it?
It fires white rods. You pull back the ram then load a white rod through the front. Then take a picture just like a real camera.
nice i am going to build it
:funny situation: mom dad family photo,. lol
Hehe. Courtesy of Nomlack XD
why do i get the feeling you got this idea from asdfmovie lol. great idea though !!! i'l build it tomorrow...
Ive watched all ASDF movies but i dont see how i got it from ASDF. I got the idea from jmm72.
i don't remember in which one, but there's a scene where the guy says: "hey man ! check out my new camera" *shoots a pistol* "oh ! that's not a camera..."
Haha i dont remember that one!
It was in there.Also have you checked out the new ASDF movie 5?
Hello! I am making it! how do you make a half orange connector, or how did you do it?
This build does not use orange cut pieces it uses ball joint pieces. You can use cut orange connectors. I use an exacto-knife to cut them.<br>By the way you really need a strong small band for the mechanism.<br><br>Tell me if it works!
I just turned it into a non functional knex gun<br>
Me at train staition<br><br>Me: Hey dude, when does th-<br><br>Guy: THE NARWHAL BACON-<br><br>Me: -north train leave<br><br>Guy: 5 pm... :(<br><br>I took it apart man sorry
Me at train staition<br><br>Me: Hey dude, when does th-<br><br>Guy: THE NARWHAL BACON-<br><br>Me: -north train leave<br><br>Guy: 5 pm... :(<br>
me:say cheese<br>other guy:cheese<br>me:*click:<br>other guy:wtf hit me? <br>me:heh
lol lol
(One week later)<br>Me: *sees other guy*<br>Me:Hehehehehe....<br>*takes out K'nex sniper and hides in bush*<br>*guy passes*<br>*shoots*<br><br>Guy: OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW WHAT THE FIRETRUCK JUST HIT ME IN THE D!CK<br>Me: *chuckles*
how do you tape the pieces?????????
You pull on the tape from the dispenser, then tear it off, then wrap it around the rod.
Lol! this is awesome!
Thanks! Are you going to build it?
i think so, its cool!
That's actually pretty cool!
O.O<br>O.O<br>O.O<br>O.O<br>O.O<br>O.O<br>O.O<br>O.O<br>OOoOOOoooOOOo its my favorite builder!!!!
Well thanks a lot. :p
You're cool too!
Thank you! :)
Check out my new ible!
I did, its krazay!
Heyy whats crackalackin KBF hahaha<br><br>I miss my knex.. I never should have sold them :(<br><br>I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many fresh ideas its krazy
NM!!!111 :D <br><br>Told ya soo many times....<br><br>YAY!
HAhahah u wer rite
Originality at it's best, I never thought to recreate a trick camera with K'nex haha. 5 stars for you!
Thanks! will you build it?
I might, because this looks cool.
Works great! It shoots so dang far for such a small thing! :o <br>But getting the white things (which will have the tires around them later on) on the yellow sticks is really hard. <br>I even swapped the black thingie at the ram's end for an orange connector so more rubber bands could fit on. <br>Mine has about 30 bands on it now... just because it can't hold any more. It wouldn't break but there just is no more space :o <br>Its shooting over 40 feet :D <br> <br>5*
Mine pierced cardboard!
Really? That's epic!. Do you like my camera?
Yeah, I &quot;took my moms picture&quot; on accident.. Yeah I do, it's actually really basic, which makes it even better. I never had the thought to disguise guns into other household objects, now that I've seen this I have had many ideas of disguising.

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