I need help i need a trigger for my first knex cannon i will post instructions and give credit plz give help tips and ideas in comments

Step 1:

Rubber party balloons as rubberbands and decent power

Step 2: Update

Ok trigger added plus other mods

How to work add this to rubberbands(first pic)

Add this (second pic)

Pull back and latch black peice onto white snowflake (pic 3+)

Push blue rod to left to shoot (last pic)
Interesting rubber bands lol you could just use a common hinge trigger
<p>Teh bands are actually ballons!</p>
This is my new account guys i logged out and forgot the password
The bands r what i had <br>They streach crazy long and are allmost surgical tubing but thinner
It doesnt fit
Any ideas for a trigger r welcome

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