This is my third entry to the K'nex Contest, and I would be thankful for your vote.

Raw power, reliability, and cool looks are just a few of the traits of my new carbine. Skillfully designed from my own collection of K'nex, this is a gun that will provide hours of shooting fun. It may just be a single shot, but it is hard to argue with good range. Of course, I have provided clear instructions and a parts list, to make it easy to create this awesome lump of plastic. The pros and cons are as follows:


Looks pretty decent.

Rather good comfort.

Over 70 feet of range with only two rubber bands.


Trigger is very easy to pull.

Fairly light.

Not too many pieces.

Good size.

No cut pieces.


Not super sturdy. (Good enough for most use, just don't drop it much.)

No sights.

Lots of rods sticking out.

Sorry, but no video. I tried, but my voice ended up sounding like a three year old with a fake southern accent.

Step 1: Parts List.

Green rods: 205

White rods: 55

Blue rods: 21

Yellow rod: 1

Yellow connectors: 110

White connectors: 11

Blue connectors: 2

Green connectors: 7

Grey connectors: 8

Red connectors: 27

Orange connectors: 31

Grey clips: 15

Tan clip: 1

Ball socket half: 1

Y clips: 10

Blue spacers: 8

Silver spacers: 3

#64 rubber bands: 2

#32 rubber bands: 2

Step 2: Body and ​mechanism.

This should be fairly easy. Comment or PM me if you have any trouble and I will do my best to help.

Step 3: Handle.


Step 4: Finishing and Bands.

Just as the title says.

Step 5: Use.

Pull the rubber bands back, and hook them onto the ratchet. Load one oodammo as show. Shoulder the weapon, and squeeze the trigger.

Have fun!

<p>One of the reasons I like your weapons in specific is the fact that you put piece lists on your &quot;ibles&quot;, unlike some others. That is very specific and extremely (you might even say K'Nextremely) helpful.</p>
<p>Hey man, I'm glad you find the part list helpful! It takes a long time to count up the pieces, but it makes it much easier to build the project later.</p>
Uh huh. It's really useful!
<p>Great gun! My only problem with it was that it occasionaly misfired if I loaded all the bands at once.</p>
<p>That's odd, I don't remember having that problem with it. But it has been a while. </p>
<p>Yeah, I think that the problem was that the &quot;ratchet blocker&quot; didn't completely block the ratchet, but perhaps that was just my problem. Anyways, it was a great gun to play around with and shoot. I love the design!</p>
<p>Ok, after looking at the internals again I can see how that could happen. I could have worked a bit more on the trigger then I did, but oh well.</p>
<p>Okay. BTW, do you still make K'NEX guns, or have you &quot;retired&quot; from the K'NEX community? It would be great to see you post something new!</p>
<p>You could say I'm retired, but i'm still somewhat interested in K'nex. I'll have more time to build this summer, and I have some pictures of an older gun that I may post.</p>
<p>Great! Looking forward to seeing it.</p>
<p>I was going to try to make this but I came up with this any ideas for a name?</p>
<p>Cool looking gun there!</p><p>As for names, there is:</p><p>Phantom Rifle</p><p>Oblivion Longrifle</p><p>Grim Carbine</p><p>Stalking Death</p>
<p>You're welcome.</p>
<p>Congrats on winning! </p>
Thanks, I WAS NOT AT ALL expecting second prize.
<p>Yeah my bro got that same roller coaster but we brought it back to the store. </p>
<p>OK. Did it not work?</p><p>There are some pretty positive reviews on amazon, so I'm not really worried about that.</p>
<p>He just wanted something else so we did not test it out.</p>
<p>All right. Too bad it's mostly micro K'nex, but there are a few black rods in it.</p>
<p>You could sell it and use the money to buy KNEX off ebay. </p>
<p>I could, but I might keep it.</p>
<p>Great job on this man, Judgement FTW! (literally!)</p>
Thanks! (IKR?)
<p>WooaaaW ! Congratulations ! You are a finalist ;)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Congrats on being selected as a finalist!</p>
Cool! Voted!
favourite and voted... just one question... might you be able to help me with a trigger for one I'm making? I'm completely stumped right now as to where to put the catch in the body and was wondering if you could help or help find a design I could base the trigger off of.
<p>Thank you. Ya know, this type of trigger is really simple. You should figure it out with no problem. It really shouldn't be very difficult. Sorry that I can't be of any help. </p>
Nah, I was talking about a different gun I'm trying to figure out... I can't take it apart and build this in good conscience knowing I never finished it so I'm trying to do so :p<br><br>it's a Bullpup with a hook pin and back-feeding lift ejection chamber that ends up taking up like 99.9% of the space inside of it just doing that, I'm trying to figure out how to get an internal trigger mech in there without making a big, bulky, gear mech on the outside of the thing. I figure once I make one more concept gun (made only to show off a mech or design instead of performance) I might make one of your guns just to try and get a performance benchmark and a new frame for more builds (I'm still basically going off of the main frame and handle from dutchwarlord's tar-21!) and such.
<p>Oh, ok.</p><p>Well, I don't think I can help you with that. I don't have the right mind for concepts gun mechs.</p>
know anyone who does who isn't busy with their own gun? I really just need ideas right now for the most part.
Well, Lucas might not and Jared might not.
yeah I posted it for anyone who wants to contribute to comment on, maybe I'll get help that way
also I can upload photos in the morning... it's a really cool mech to see and I think would be really awesome if someone who knows how to build them better but likes crazy mechs made it, I doubt I would get the idea all the way to oblivitus or anyone but, IDK.
Congrats on the feature, I don't think this one should have been featured but your death adder should be. I liked the looks of the DA and the instructions better. But nevertheless great job!
Thanks. Viper and Death Adder had better pictures and instructions, but they chose this.<br><br>I have a gun I need to post, it is a 8 layer full sized assault rifle.
<p>Sounds cool! What do you think of Zaks NAR knock off?</p>
<p>Thanks! I dunno, I haven't built it (no instructions) but it LOOKS cool.</p>
<p>The gun does look interesting and it is to bad that he didn't make instructions for some of his guns. </p>
Yeah, I know. My favorite NAR us Mepain's, it was pretty nasty cool.<br>(I don't like the NAR much, too likely to shatter ball socket halves.)
<p>Nice build!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
I'm gonna post my ratchet gun soon too lol I swear u can read my mind and u have got to be DarkOwlProductions
Lol, and I'm not DOP.
&quot;your voice ends up sounding like a three year old with a fake southern accent&quot;. Lol we don't care nor will we make fun of you.

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Bio: I enjoy archery, knives, and building weapons. I used to build with K'nex.
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