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Introduction: Knex Carbine: Judgement + Instructions

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This is my third entry to the K'nex Contest, and I would be thankful for your vote.

Raw power, reliability, and cool looks are just a few of the traits of my new carbine. Skillfully designed from my own collection of K'nex, this is a gun that will provide hours of shooting fun. It may just be a single shot, but it is hard to argue with good range. Of course, I have provided clear instructions and a parts list, to make it easy to create this awesome lump of plastic. The pros and cons are as follows:


Looks pretty decent.

Rather good comfort.

Over 70 feet of range with only two rubber bands.


Trigger is very easy to pull.

Fairly light.

Not too many pieces.

Good size.

No cut pieces.


Not super sturdy. (Good enough for most use, just don't drop it much.)

No sights.

Lots of rods sticking out.

Sorry, but no video. I tried, but my voice ended up sounding like a three year old with a fake southern accent.

Step 1: Parts List.

Green rods: 205

White rods: 55

Blue rods: 21

Yellow rod: 1

Yellow connectors: 110

White connectors: 11

Blue connectors: 2

Green connectors: 7

Grey connectors: 8

Red connectors: 27

Orange connectors: 31

Grey clips: 15

Tan clip: 1

Ball socket half: 1

Y clips: 10

Blue spacers: 8

Silver spacers: 3

#64 rubber bands: 2

#32 rubber bands: 2

Step 2: Body and ‚Äčmechanism.

This should be fairly easy. Comment or PM me if you have any trouble and I will do my best to help.

Step 3: Handle.


Step 4: Finishing and Bands.

Just as the title says.

Step 5: Use.

Pull the rubber bands back, and hook them onto the ratchet. Load one oodammo as show. Shoulder the weapon, and squeeze the trigger.

Have fun!



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One of the reasons I like your weapons in specific is the fact that you put piece lists on your "ibles", unlike some others. That is very specific and extremely (you might even say K'Nextremely) helpful.

Hey man, I'm glad you find the part list helpful! It takes a long time to count up the pieces, but it makes it much easier to build the project later.

Uh huh. It's really useful!

I was going to try to make this but I came up with this any ideas for a name?


Cool looking gun there!

As for names, there is:

Phantom Rifle

Oblivion Longrifle

Grim Carbine

Stalking Death

Thanks, I WAS NOT AT ALL expecting second prize.

Yeah my bro got that same roller coaster but we brought it back to the store.